Burnett Wants To Stay

Blue Jays pitcher A.J. Burnett doesn’t expect or desire a trade:

"I’m a Blue Jay and I plan on being here for the rest of the season.  Just because my name’s out there and all this stuff, and I made one mistake talking to a Chicago writer…I enjoy being a Blue Jay and that’s where I’m at. That’s where I plan on being."

The Phillies didn’t seem terribly interested in Burnett anyway, but that’s one less suitor after their Joe Blanton acquisition.  Burnett is healthy, and despite his 4.96 ERA he’s the best available starter right now.  The Blue Jays apparently won’t shop him around because they don’t want to lower his value.  Plus, J.P. Ricciardi said the Jays have no trades cooking for Burnett or anyone else.

That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.  Three teams that I feel could be in the market for a starter: the Mets, Cardinals, and White Sox.  The Mets’ Pedro Martinez and Orlando Hernandez are both hurting; will they answer the other National League starter acquisitions?

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