Dodgers Need A Shortstop

Rafael Furcal‘s contract year is not going as planned.  It started out well, but now back surgery will sideline him at least two more months.  Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News expects Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to survey the market for shortstops, even though he has no leverage.

Back on May 26th, we rattled off some possibly available shortstops.  We can cross Alex Gonzalez off the list, and it sounds like the Nationals intend to keep Cristian Guzman.  One available player omitted from the list is Juan Uribe

The best attainable shortstop is probably Jack Wilson.  Wilson, 30, is hitting .316/.357/.368 in 148 plate appearances since coming back from a strained calf.  He has no-trade protection for six teams, and is signed through ’09 with a ’10 option.  Chin-lung Hu would be a strong offer.  The Wilson idea is pure speculation on my part; any Dodgers or Pirates fans want to weigh in? 

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