Mariners Rumors: Rhodes, Bedard, Washburn

Mariners beat writer Geoff Baker has a new blog post up this morning about the team’s trade candidates.  In a well thought-out piece, Baker names Arthur Rhodes, Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, Raul Ibanez, and Adrian Beltre as the most likely to go (in that order).  A few highlights from the post:

  • Solid lefty relievers are available – mainly Brian Fuentes and Damaso Marte.  But the price is reportedly high for both, leaving the 38 year-old Rhodes as a fine alternative.  Plus, the ’08 Mariners can live without him.
  • Baker indicates that both Bedard and the Mariners favor a trade. However, Baker believes Bedard will have to take the mound at least one more time and maybe twice before the deadline to satisfy a suitor.  Bedard is said to be 50/50 to make his July 22nd start.
  • Washburn has about $14.4MM left on his contract, which runs through ’09 with limited no-trade protection.  The M’s would trade him for salary relief rather than prospects.
  • Ibanez and Beltre are down on Baker’s list because he believes the team owes it to the fans not to put a Triple A offense on the field.  While neither player has an .800 OPS, trading either without a big league replacement could lead to an even more embarrassing second half. Additionally, the Mariners like Ibanez’s leadership skills.  Baker finds the Beltre-to-Twins idea improbable.  Interesting note: Beltre is thought to want to return to the L.A. area when his contract ends.

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