Odds and Ends: Elias, Izzy, Silva, Colletti

Linkage for Wednesday…

  • Eddie Bajek over at Detroit Tigers Thoughts has successfully reverse-engineered the Elias Type A/Type B formula.  Today he assigns statuses to the American League catchersJason Varitek clings to Type A, while Ivan Rodriguez has slipped to Type B.  Read more about how free agent compensation works here.
  • Jason Isringhausen‘s season, and maybe his career, is over due to a torn flexor tendon in his elbow.
  • J.C. Bradbury puts on his GM hat for the Braves.  Rather than plug in free agent signings, he’d sell off most of the infield.
  • MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone extinguishes a Carlos Silva rumor.
  • ESPN’s Buster Olney grades the deadline deals.  He has Ken Griffey Jr., Kyle Farnsworth, and Damaso Marte bringing up the rear.
  • Tim Brown explains that Ned Colletti’s job is safe.
  • Johnny Damon hopes A.J. Burnett opts out of his deal.  Does he just want Burnett out of the league, or is he hoping the righty joins the Yanks’ rotation next year?
  • Twins reliever Brian Bass may become a free agent, if he refuses a Triple A assignment.

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