Sherman’s Latest: Yankees’ Off-Season Plans

Earlier this week Hank Steinbrenner promised changes this off-season for the Yankees. Today Joel Sherman of the New York Post speculates on what those changes could look like…

  • Sources tell Sherman that Steinbrenner wants to make CC Sabathia the highest paid pitcher ever.
  • Sherman thinks Shane Victorino would be a nice fit for the Yankees in center field.
  • Some Yankees officials are toying with the idea of trading some of their young pitching if the Yankees do land Sabathia and another veteran such as AJ Burnett. Sherman thinks a player like Phil Hughes could be used to land a young center fielder or first baseman such as Joey Votto of the Reds.
  • Sherman feels giving Mark Teixeira a 10-year deal would be a mistake.
  • Sherman also wonders if Robinson Cano should be dangled this off-season in an attempt to land a starting pitcher like Zach Greinke, Chad Billingsley or Matt Cain.
  • Sherman thinks the Yankees should offer Bobby Abreu arbitration in hopes of landing two draft picks, and says if Abreu accepts the arbitration it would not be a terrible thing, but would force somebody else to be moved.

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