Elias Ranking Update: AL Relievers

I don’t believe we’ve mentioned this yet…Eddie Bajek added the AL relievers for his projected Elias rankings.  He notes that these rankings can swing quite a bit in the remaining three weeks of the season.

  • Type As: Francisco Rodriguez, Damaso Marte, and…Darren Oliver?  No doubt the Yankees will buy Marte’s $6MM option out for $250K, but will they offer him arbitration?  He is earning $2MM this year, and has been terrible for them.
  • Type Bs: Jamey Wright, Dennys Reyes, and Alan Embree.  Wright and Reyes are earning $1MM this year; Embree $3MM with a club option for ’09 at the same salary.  Perhaps the Twins will offer arb to Reyes.
  • Just missed Type B: Kyle Farnsworth, Trever MillerEddie Guardado is not close to Type B status.

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