Molony’s Latest: K-Rod, Helms, Valverde

Let’s dig into the latest blog post from’s Jim Molony.

  • Molony believes the Mets, Cardinals, Rays, Tigers, Indians, and Cubs are considering signing Francisco Rodriguez this winter.  I think K-Rod’s demands could cause a nice ripple effect for Brian Fuentes, the second-best closer on the market.  Regarding Molony’s six teams, a strong case can be made against several of them signing Rodriguez.  The Rays and Indians will probably take a careful approach to free agency, while the Tigers may not have room in the budget.  The Cubs seem likely to bring Kerry Wood back.
  • Also on the topic of K-Rod, ESPN’s Andrew Marchand (via MetsBlog) quotes the pitcher’s agent naming the Cardinals, Tigers, Dodgers, Angels, and Mets as the five likely serious suitors.  They’re looking for 5/75.
  • Wes Helms would like to return to the Marlins next year.  Molony believes the Marlins may want to retain Helms or Luis Gonzalez but perhaps not both.
  • The Astros would prefer an extension for closer Jose Valverde rather than a likely eight figure arbitration reward.  Valverde, 29, could reasonably demand more than $50MM in a multiyear extension.

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