Giants Rumors: Burrell, Rollins, Rowand

THURSDAY: More Giants info, courtesy of John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle.  GM Brian Sabean is looking for offense in the infield, but he considers Cain untouchable.  Jonathan Sanchez or various pitching prospects could be trade bait instead.

Sabean also met with the agents for various free agent hitters and relievers, including Orlando Hudson and Bob Howry.

WEDNESDAY: Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News has some interesting rumors this evening.

  • Baggarly believes the rumor of the Giants’ interest in Rafael Furcal makes sense, as it’d solidify their middle infield situation.
  • He doesn’t see the Giants signing Pat Burrell, given their desire to get younger and more athletic.  Still, he expects Brian Sabean to check in on him.
  • Here’s a new one: Baggarly’s heard the Phillies will listen to offers for shortstop Jimmy Rollins.  Rollins is owed just $23.5MM over the next three seasons.
  • Scott Eyre enjoyed his time with the Phillies, though the Giants could take a shot at bringing him back.
  • Baggarly doesn’t buy any of the Bengie Molina trade rumors.  He gives a 75% chance Matt Cain stays put.
  • Baggarly expects the Giants to quietly explore the market for Aaron Rowand, which could include the Yankees and White Sox.  Rowand is owed $44MM over the next four seasons, and has no-trade protection.

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