C.C. Sabathia Rumors: Monday

11:12pm: Clarification of the earlier Colletti stuff from Tony Jackson: "What Colletti actually said was that Sabathia had made the Dodgers aware, not directly but through conversations with third parties, that he had a desire to pitch for them."

10:38pm: Heyman says the Red Sox talked parameters with Sabathia and "perhaps even" made an offer.  They’re not expected to beat the Yankees’ offer though.

Jeff Passan offers his take on the Brewers’ angle.

9:26pm: Rosenthal’s source says the Red Sox were just doing their due diligence in meeting with Sabathia.  The Sox are focused on Mark Teixeira.

9:19pm: The Giants say it’s "debatable" as to whether they’ll meet with Sabathia.  Andrew Baggarly indicates Brian Sabean implied they don’t plan to make a competitive offer to Sabathia.

9:14pm: Brewers assistant GM Gord Ash says Sabathia is not concerned about the makeup of the Brewers’ roster.  Doug Melvin does not believe they’d need to be too creative with a contract.

7:26pm: Dan Graziano says Sabathia requested both Yankees meetings, the second of which took place at the pitcher’s room at the Wynn.  Sabathia’s left Vegas, and didn’t give the Yanks a timetable.

7:17pm: Bill Shaikin talked to a Giants official who says they’re "definitively" not interested in Manny Ramirez.  They are, however, interested in Sabathia.

Abraham notes that Sabathia requested that second meet with the Yanks.

6:19pm: Peter Abraham learned from Brian Cashman that the Yanks met with Sabathia again today.

5:41pm: Sabathia’s meeting with Yankees officials lasted 2.5 hours yesterday, as he gathered information on the team and the city.  He told the Yankees he’s not delaying his decision due to a desire to pitch elsewhere; he just wants to gather the facts.

4:32pm: Sabathia apparently told Colletti he wants to be a Dodger?  Speaking to reporters, Colletti left it as a "possibility" the Dodgers could get involved.

4:12pm: Doug Melvin deems the opt-out and sixth year chatter "speculation" (despite the reports below and another from Phil Rogers).  But after meeting with Sabathia’s agents today, Melvin says the Brewers are still in it.  They’ll meet again later in the week.

Also, there’s an article making the rounds where Bill Madden quotes an industry source as saying Greg Genske is "dead as an agent" if Sabathia ends up signing for $120MM.

12:03pm: Joel Sherman says Brian Cashman brought Joe Girardi and Reggie Jackson along for their recent meeting with Sabathia.  Privately, the Yanks feel that Sabathia would be entirely invested in New York if he signs with them (despite his West Coast leanings).

11:49am: Jon Heyman has a Brewers update.  He says they’re open to adding a sixth year, bringing the total to $120MM (closer to $110MM with deferred money).  He also heard an opt-out clause could be added after two years.  Heyman says Sabathia hated having Spring Training in Florida, a slight mark against the Yankees.

10:30am: Dan Graziano was told yesterday that the Brewers added a sixth year to their Sabathia offer, but he admits there are conflicting reports on that.

9:33am: Buster Olney says to take it for what it’s worth, but his source says the meeting between Sabathia and the Yankees went "great."

8:44am: According to George King of the New York Post, the Brewers could offer C.C. Sabathia an opt-out clause after three seasons to entice him to sign (similar to the Blue Jays’ deal for A.J. Burnett).  At this time, only the Brewers and Yankees have offers on the table for Sabathia. King talked to a source who said in regard to the Giants, "It would have to be a total default position in terms of years and dollars."  Perhaps that indicates the Giants can’t really go beyond the Brewers’ five-year, $100MM offer.

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