Jason Varitek And Draft Pick Compensation

As you know, players such as Jason Varitek, Orlando Cabrera, and Juan Cruz are Type A free agents who declined offers of arbitration.  As such, it costs a draft pick to sign one of these players.  For Varitek in particular, no team seems comfortable with this cost.

WEEI’s Alex Speier looks at the Varitek situation, outlining four ways the catcher might get around this problem: wait until June, have the Red Sox waive their right to a compensation pick, a sign and trade, or a minor league contract.  Bottom line, Varitek will probably not find a way to circumvent the draft pick compensation (which is why re-signing with the Sox makes the most sense).  It’s never wise to bet against Scott Boras, but the agent’s apparent recommendation to decline Boston’s offer of arbitration looks like a miscalculation.

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