Olney’s Latest: Peavy, Braves, Lowe, Sheets

More from Buster Olney’s notes from around the majors:

  • The Braves were so close to completing a trade a for Jake Peavy in November that they may want to revisit talks. Says Olney, "What they could do, if they are intent on contending in 2009, would be to sign Orlando Cabrera as a stop-gap at shortstop for 2009, and then deal [Yunel] Escobar in the package for Peavy." He also suggests the Braves give up on their refusal to give Peavy a no-trade provision for the entire length of his contract as that’s been a sticking point. Landing Peavy under any circumstances is a move their own players would support, even if he was given special treatment.
  • Derek Lowe may have missed out on the big money when the Yankees signed A.J. Burnett for 5 years, $82.5MM over him. Lowe’s highest offer is $36MM.
  • Olney says "there are more starting pitchers available than there are big-money offers available, so the Mets are bound to wind up with a good free agent pitcher."
  • Olney reports several teams are concerned about Ben Sheets‘ medical reports; however, it’s his shoulder, not his elbow, that’s worrisome.
  • Pure speculation: "Jason Giambi will sign with Oakland, Pat Burrell will land with Tampa Bay."

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