Olney’s Latest: Abreu, Manny, Torre

Buster Olney has a new video up, discussing some of the bigger issues in the MLB world right now:

  • One GM thinks Bobby Abreu may have to settle for a one-year, $7MM deal. Quite the dropoff from the initial three years, $48MM he was asking for to begin the season.
  • If the Mets sign a cheaper alternative to Oliver Perez, they may consider making an offer to Abreu.
  • Olney isn’t sure if the Giants are in on Manny Ramirez, or just trying to drive up the price for the Dodgers. He says that the Giants won’t bring on Manny unless he "fits" offensively, defensively, and contractually. It’s hard to imagine Manny’s bat not fitting in any MLB lineup, but his glove and contract could be another story.
  • Olney wonders if the recent controversy surrounding Joe Torre’s book will affect his relationship with Dodger players.

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