Week in Review: 1/25 – 1/31

As was the case with the previous week, we saw a lot of young players land extensions with their current clubs. Let’s take a look back at the past seven days and see what’s been going on in the Hot Stove universe:

  • Royals fans had to be pleased Monday morning, when it was announced that Zack Greinke signed a four-year, $38MM extension with the club. Fantastic move for the Royals; Greinke has the makings of an ace and posted a strong overall campaign in 2008. Keeping him around at $9.5MM per year should prove to be a bargain.
  • The Rockies followed the Royals’ example, when they locked up Ubaldo Jimenez for four years as well. Jimenez’s deal is worth $10MM guaranteed, with options that could bring the contract to $22.75MM. Again, I love this signing. For a guy who can throw as hard as Jimenez, the price looks great for Colorado.
  • The Pirates got in on the fun as well; they agreed to a three-year, $13.75MM extension for Paul Maholm, with a $9.75MM option for 2012. Again, nice value for the extension. Some commenters questioned this move, but the Pirates are strapped for pitching, and three years of Maholm at that price provides significantly more upside than hitting the FA market, even if he turns out to just be an innings eater.
  • The Jason Varitek saga is finally over. He agreed to terms with the Red Sox on a one-year, $5MM deal with a dual option for 2010. The Sox can bring him back for $5MM again, and if they decline that option, ‘Tek can opt to come back for $3MM. Still seems expensive given Varitek’s production last season, but certainly better than what they’d have paid him had he accepted arbitration.
  • The Yankees also brought back a familiar face when they signed Andy Pettitte to a one-year, $5.5MM deal that could reach $12MM with incentives. Not sure if I like pushing Phil Hughes out of the rotation for the Yanks, but it’s good to have depth, especially if you’ve got A.J. Burnett in your rotation.
  • The Diamondbacks signed Jon Garland to a one-year, $6.25MM contract with a $10MM option for 2010. Here’s Nick Piecoro’s take on the situation. He brings up some points I wouldn’t have initially thought of; nice article.
  • The D’Backs are also getting close to a deal for Tom Gordon.
  • The Cubs continued their offseason flurry when they sent newly-acquired Garrett Olson and Ronny Cedeno to the Mariners in exchange form Aaron Heilman. I like Seattle’s return in this deal, but the Cubs get more upside from Heilman if you ask me.
  • There’s been talk all week about the Cubs possibly sending Rich Hill to Baltimore as well. Seems like the right type of move for the O’s, and it wouldn’t cost them too much. Hill is out of options.
  • Speaking of Baltimore, Brian Roberts addressed his status with the club, stating that he wants a four-year extension before Spring Training begins. As I asked in my previous post, what do readers think? Is Roberts a better cornerstone or trade piece for Baltimore?
  • We learned the numbers on Jason Kubel’s extension: $7.2MM over the next two years. Pretty affordable for a 26-year-old with an OPS over .800. The Twins also cut off talks with Eric Gagne abruptly, just when Boras and Gagne thought they had a deal. Bill Smith now says he’ll find a reliever through a trade.
  • Bobby Abreu is reportedly ok with accepting a one-year deal. Looks like this will have to become more of a trend for corner outfielders, given the current market. Abreu could potentially become one of the bigger bargains on the market this offseason.

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