Odds & Ends: Twins, Rockies, Yankees

Ed Price at FanHouse.com has some Odds & Ends of his own in the Overheard and Understood section of his column.

  • The Twins are looking for a setup man who can provide good control. Internally, it's a big deal for them.
  • The Rockies could wind up dumping contracts midseason if they find themselves out of contention. Price quotes one exec saying, "Unless they move ($3.5-million salaried backup catcher Yorvit) Torrealba, they're not taking on any money."
  • The Mariners say no player is untouchable. The M's are seeking "athletes" says Price.
  • Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill will get the last two spots in Oakland's rotation.
  • The Padres are "dying for pitching" and "will claim anybody" on waivers, says Price.
  • If Cody Ransom gets exposed by playing on a daily basis, then the Yankees may need a stopgap to fill third base until Alex Rodriguez's mid-may return.

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