Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Peavy, Giants, Rays, M’s, Lidge, Beltre

On this date seven years ago, the A's traded Jeremy Giambi to the Phillies for John Mabry. At the time of the deal, Giambi was hitting .274/.390/.471 with 8 home runs and Mabry was essentially a pinch-hitter. Giambi would go on to hit 12 more home runs for the Phils but would play only one more season in the big leagues. As rumors start to fly in the '09 season, let's take a look at what is being written in the Blogosphere…

  • Fire Ned Colletti Now would be happy to see a team other than the Dodgers trade for Jake Peavy.
  • Jorge Says No! says the Brewers should look into trading for Jake Peavy.
  • McCovey Chronicles takes a look at some deadline deal possibilities for the Giants, including Matt Holliday, Carl Crawford and Ichiro.
  • The Rays Party notes that Jason Isringhausen makes for a crowded bullpen which may indicate that the Devil Rays ($29) are about to make a deal.
  • Phlavio's Corner takes a look at some options to replace Carlos Delgado.
  • Around the Majors takes a look back at the Brad Lidge extension and wonders if it was a mistake.
  • Bleeding Blue and Teal would like to see the Mariners make a deal for Ben Zobrist.
  • The Detroit Tigers Weblog now admits that the Edwin Jackson-Matt Joyce trade may have been good for the Tigers.
  • MLB Notebook sees a few possible trade destinations for Adrian Beltre including both Chicago franchises.

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