Cardinals Shopping Greene

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe mentions the Cardinals are trying to trade Khalil Greene, who is struggling mightily in a contract year as a result of reported anxiety problems. Whenever a shortstop hits the block, it seems the Boston media has to consider the possibility. The position has been a black hole for the team since 2004. Cafardo says:

"The Cardinals are shopping Khalil Greene, and have inquired with the Sox about their interest. Greene is hitting .210 with two homers and 14 RBIs and has committed six errors. Bobby Crosby is hovering around .200 in Oakland. Are either the answer? The Sox appear to have enough offense that obtaining a defensive specialist could tide them over."

While a change of scenery may be what Greene needs, Boston may not be the best fit given the anxiety problems. Still, Cafardo explores the option because "frustration is beginning to build among other Sox players" due to poor defense from Julio Lugo and Nick Green. With his struggles, the Cardinals will have to eat some of his $6.5MM salary.

Jed Lowrie is expected back from wrist surgery after the All Star break.

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