Jon Daniels, Talking Rangers Baseball

T.R. Sullivan of gathered a few hot stove-related nuggets from Rangers general manager Jon Daniels on Tuesday afternoon.  Let's dig in…

  • Daniels thinks there won't be enough "sellers" by the time the July 31 trade deadline rolls around.  "There are just not that many teams decidedly looking to move players," he said.  "There are very few teams that are not within striking distance."
  • The Texas GM acknowledged that a scout was present for Pedro Martinez's workout in the Dominican Republic last week, but the 37-year-old right-hander's contract demands are currently too high.
  • In the end, grabbing a starting pitcher is probably going to be too costly, both in salary and prospects.  (Or just salary, if we're talking about free agent Ben Sheets).
  • "Relief is more realistic," Daniels concluded.

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