Matt Holliday Update

Scouts tell Joe Stiglich of the San Jose Mercury News that teams' unwillingness to part with prospects and inability to take on salary could make it hard for the A's to deal Matt Holliday. That's fine with GM Billy Beane, who says he doesn't feel pressure to deal his star outfielder this July. After all, if Holliday departs as a free agent after the year, the A's will receive compensation picks in next year's draft (assuming they offer him arbitration).

One scout says the economy has limited the number of suitors for Holliday, who makes $13.5MM this year. Another said teams are becoming more and more attached to the young players the A's would surely want in a trade. 

There's one more reason Holliday may be tough to deal. He's only hitting .197 in his last 17 games, with an OPS under .600. Nearly everyone goes through slumps, but this is Holliday's second big one of the season.

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