Taking Stock Of Matt Holliday

At the start of the year, we expected Matt Holliday to establish himself as the top free agent player heading into the offseason. After two months in Oakland, there's no question his value has sunk. Buster Olney says Holliday will be in position to command three-year offers worth just $30-35MM. There's still a lot of baseball left, but let's take a look at some of the reasons his value is so low:

  • Holliday's hitting just .275/.368/.440
  • His slugging percentage this year is 200 points lower than his career mark at Coors Field.
  • He's attempted just five steals after stealing 28 bases last year.  

But he still has a lot going for him:

  • He has Scott Boras for an agent.
  • He's hitting .330/.459/.534 since May 4th, with five homers and all four of his steals.  
  • If he's dealt to a contender and makes the playoffs he could boost his value by playing well in October.

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