What To Expect Before The Signing Deadline

ESPN.com's Keith Law reminds us that the Reds seemed unlikely to sign Yonder Alonso until hours before the deadline to sign draft picks last summer. It shouldn't be any different this year; here are the details:

  • We'll hear that teams aren't close to signing their picks, but that doesn't mean the two sides won't agree to last-minute deals.
  • Don't expect Stephen StrasburgDustin Ackley or Donavan Tate (all Scott Boras clients) to sign much before next Monday at midnight.
  • Law expects Strasburg to sign for about $18-20MM.
  • The commissioner's office will try to limit the number of over-slot signings, but teams can offer whatever they like, so MLB's efforts to hold teams to recommended bonuses may be quixotic in the end.

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