Padres Expect To Be “Pretty Good” Next Year

When the Padres won the NL West with an 82-80 record four years ago, the division was laughably weak. Now that the Dodgers, Rockies and Giants have improved, the NL West is home to three of the league's five best teams. The Diamondbacks should improve next year, so the division is no longer a joke, but that hasn't deterred Padres GM Kevin Towers.

"I think we might be pretty good next year," Towers told's Buster Olney. "I know that sounds pretty crazy."

Olney suggests the Padres will likely keep Adrian Gonzalez, whose 35 homers would appeal to many teams if the Padres decided to listen to trade offers. The Padres have improved pitching and, now that they're no longer responsible for Jake Peavy's contract, could be minor players in the free agent market. 

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