Stark On Mets, Wright, Reyes

Mets GM Omar Minaya tells's Jayson Stark that he will be "very creative and very open-minded" this offseason as he tries to improve one of baseball's most disappointing teams. Here are the details:

  • A variety of executives don't believe the Mets are close to winning soon. One says "there's no quick fix" for the team and another believes they have to rebuild.
  • One scout believes it will take more than restored health and minor changes for the Mets to compete with the Phillies, Braves and Marlins next year.
  • One of Stark's sources says Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya could be fired if the team falls apart in September.
  • More than one executive believes the Mets have a weak farm system. One exec says the prospects they do have are far from contributing in the majors.
  • The Mets will need starting pitching, a catcher, a first baseman, at least one corner outfielder and a left-handed reliever after the season. They will have some money to spend, but it will be tough to meet those needs with dollars alone.
  • One exec believes there's no chance they trade David Wright in an attempt to fill multiple holes.
  • Three executives tell Stark the Mets have to trade Jose Reyes.

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