Curtis Granderson Becomes Available

The Tigers are letting teams know center fielder Curtis Granderson is available, according to an NL executive who talked to the New York Post's Joel Sherman.  Sherman believes the Yankees would have interest.

Sherman qualifies the rumor, saying Granderson nor Edwin Jackson are players the Tigers truly want to trade.  Sherman notes that Jackson appeals to both New York teams.    

While we named Granderson in our center fielder trade market post, we didn't think he was really available. One thing I learned writing that post is that Granderson's 2009 batting line was misleading, and he's well worth the $25.75MM owed to him over the next three seasons. The Tigers could restock the cupboards with a Granderson trade.  Pure speculation, but might the Cubs be interested in the Illinois native?  Way back in March of '07, Granderson talked to us about the possibility of playing in Chicago.

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