Non-Tender Candidates Revised

Remember our October 5th list of non-tender candidates?  Since then, Jeremy Hermida, Mark Teahen, Aaron Heilman, Boof Bonser, Brian Bruney, and Matt Lindstrom have been traded, while John Bale, Mike Jacobs, and Ryan Church have been cut.  Others have been outrighted or eliminated from consideration.  The non-tender deadline is December 12th at 11pm CST.  Here's a revised list.

Jeremy Accardo
Alfredo Amezaga
Brian Anderson
Garrett Atkins
Jose Bautista
Taylor Buchholz
John Buck
Dave Bush
D.J. Carrasco
Kevin Correia
Neal Cotts
Jack Cust
Mike Fontenot
Ryan Garko
Chad Gaudin
Jody Gerut
Jonny Gomes
Gabe Gross
Conor Jackson
Bobby Jenks
Kelly Johnson
Logan Kensing
Ryan Langerhans
John Maine
Andy Marte
Seth McClung
Brandon Medders
Sergio Mitre
Dioner Navarro
Scott Olsen
Tim Redding
Jeremy Reed
Jason Repko
Cory Sullivan
Brian Tallet
Chien-Ming Wang

The full list of arbitration-eligible players can be found here; let me know who needs to be added to the non-tender candidates.

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