Tellem Discusses Rich Harden

Rich Harden's agent Arn Tellem weighed in on his client at the GM Meetings today, with the Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan among those in attendance.  Tellem says Harden has "no health issues at all" despite being shut down by the Cubs with a few weeks left in the season.

Tellem didn't run into Cubs GM Jim Hendry during the Meetings, though both spent ample time in the hotel lobby.  Tellem says Harden "very much likes Chicago," and expects he'll "continue to talk" to the Cubs about a possible return.  Most writers expect the Cubs to move on, though.  Harden is a Type B free agent; an arbitration offer seems unlikely.

Harden, 28 later this month, pitched 152.3 innings in 2008 and 141 this year, with a huge strikeout rate but a healthy dose of walks.  This year, home runs and hits were up for the changeup artist.

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