Tim Hudson Extension Close

Multiple journalists said to expect the Braves' three-year extension for Tim Hudson to be finished last week, but that didn't happen.  David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains why:

The delay on Hudson extension resulted from the team having to find a doctor the insurance company approved of to do the physical. But they got the doc and Huddy passed the physical, from what I’m told. If so, it shouldn’t be much longer before they sign this deal and it gets announced.

The Braves may also prefer to wait until after the World Series to announce the deal, though Freddy Sanchez's extension with the Giants was publicized mid-Series.  MLB.com's Mark Bowman agrees with O'Brien's info.

Hudson's signing could lead the Braves to trade a starter for a hitter.  O'Brien discussed the idea of trading Javier Vazquez in a blog post yesterday.

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