Dodgers Sign Doug Mientkiewicz, Angel Berroa

The Dodgers signed first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz and shortstop Angel Berroa to minor league deals, writes Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times.

Mientkiewicz, 35, had only 20 plate appearances with the Dodgers this year and another 64 in the minors.  He had shoulder surgery in April, missing the bulk of the season.  Aside from his defense, Mientkiewicz may be best known for catching and retaining (for a while) the ball that marked Boston's 2004 championship.

Berroa, 32 in January, totaled 55 plate appearances with the New York teams this year and 80 more in the minors.  He received significant playing time for the '08 Dodgers after coming over in a trade with the Royals.  Berroa's claim to fame is his 2003 Rookie of the Year award and subsequent four-year, $11MM contract with Kansas City.  The contract serves as a reminder that it doesn't always pay to lock up a young player through his arbitration years.

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