Cafardo On Damon, Ohman, Sheffield, Wang

Scott Boras tells Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that he has seen some "very creative proposals" for Johnny Damon's services. The market for Damon seems limited, but teams like the Blue Jays, Tigers and A's could be fits at some price. Here are the rest of Cafardo's rumors:

  • The Blue Jays, Orioles and Royals seem most aggressive in their pursuit of reliever Will Ohman.
  • Gary Sheffield is considering two unidentified teams and waiting for offers from them.
  • Boras is trying to find interest for Jeff Weaver. 
  • There's interest in Chien-Ming Wang, but teams aren't offering the two-time 19 game winner much money.

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  1. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    wow, two Damon posts in a row without the Braves being mentioned. Does that mean people are finally starting to get over the idea? Although knowing Frank Wren’s usual methods, the lack of news about it makes me think something might be happening. When’s the last guy we signed that had buildup?

  2. RanceMulliniks 5 years ago

    Not sure why the Jays would be looking at another bullpen arm – they seem to have plenty of competition for spots and already have 3 lefties in Carlson, Tallet and Downs (plus I think Sean Henn on the roster).

  3. Macfan1 5 years ago

    “Scott Boras tells Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that he has seen some “very creative proposals” for Johnny Damon’s services.”+++++++++++++L.M.A.O. oh really and does that include a base salary of 13 million a year, 10 million a year that you tried to extort out of the Yankees once again for a player 4 years older and out of the position he was originally signed to play 4 years ago. Boras is full of it, Cashman slapped him silly and now he and his client is left Abreued, 1 year 5 million from some team on the market is Damon’s best bet. Teams know that Damon’s value was highest in Yankee Stadium, hitting between Jeter, Tex and Arod, using the short porch in RF to hit homeruns thus (17 Home, 7 Away).His defense was masked by a team that had an overwhelming offense after all the Yankees could tolerate his defense by virtue of leading the majors in RunsHitsHomerunsRBI’sTotal BasesOBPSLGOPSThat kind of offense could certainly cover up a bad defensive player.

  4. David 5 years ago

    The entry for screwing the pooch in the Urban Dictionary should have a picture of Scott Boras and Johnny Damon holding hands.

  5. ThinkBlue10 5 years ago

    why would anyone offer wang good money? It has to be an incentive-laden contract. i do hope dodgers offer him something reasonable.

    • Macfan1 5 years ago

      His agent seemed to think he could command significant major league guaranteed money ala Ben Sheets I guess.

  6. briankoke 5 years ago

    This is what happens when your greedy and/or your agent is Scott Boras. I love it!

  7. Jeff Weaver did pretty good for the dodgers last season I wish he would of stayed, he did show some impovement and filled in nicely when they needed him, good luck to him else were

  8. parkercine 5 years ago

    i would like to see the O’s get Ohman.. can never have too many arms in the pen with how many innings our SP’s seem to give us.. but i would also like to see them go after Weaver.. had a good year last year.. of course it’s dependin on the terms of a deal..

    • ugen64 5 years ago

      The O’s are only looking for a left-handed reliever (preferably on a minor league deal) at this point. Anyway we have plenty of right-handers who can go multiple innings – Berken, Hernandez, and Uehara to name a few. Ohman will presumably be cheap and he was good as recently as 2008.

  9. Robert Gaito 5 years ago

    I just don’t see the A’s signing Damon. They’ve got Sweeney, Davis, Crisp, Taylor(who will probably start the year in the minors) and Buck rounding out their outfield, with Cust sure to see some playing time out there too, I don’t get the logic of a Damon signing. Not only will our outfield defense suffer greatly with Damon, but he has never hit too well at the Coliseum.

    Damon and Boras are starting too look quite foolish for turning down that alleged 2yr/14mm deal from the Yankees.

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