Odds & Ends: Valverde, Gardner, Wells

Rounding up some news from around the majors on this Tuesday night….

  • MLB.com's Jason Beck cites a report from an unnamed radio station which states the Tigers' offer to Jose Valverde is for two years.  In another piece, Beck calls Detroit "the most logical destination" for Valverde.
  • Brett Gardner has two backers (sort of) in Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News and ESPN's Keith Law.  McCarron would like to see the Yankees acquire a "get-the-uniform-dirty type" but thinks Gardner should get "a real chance" to play every day.  Law would let Gardner start the season because he feels that potential signings Reed Johnson or Xavier Nady are "marginal improvements that may not justify the cost."
  • Jordan Bastian of MLB.com says the Blue Jays aren't thinking of moving Vernon Wells to a corner outfield spot in spite of Wells' declining UZR numbers in center.  One factor might be that the Jays don't really have any other solid CF options, especially with Alex Rios no longer on the roster. 
  • C.J. Wilson is not a candidate to be traded despite the Rangers' signing of Darren Oliver, reports Ben Rogers of ESPNDallas.com.
  • MLB.com's Jim Street says Miguel Tejada's asking price is too high for the Mariners to make a play for the free-agent infielder.
  • Brian McTaggart of MLB.com passes along a report from Houston's KRIV-TV that Great Court Capital is the investment company negotiating to buy the Astros from Drayton McLane.
  • Eric Hinske tells David O'Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Atlanta "really seemed like the best situation" out of the clubs who made him offers.
  • Doug Miller of MLB.com provides a quick round-up of some of the remaining free agents on the market.

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  1. TheBunk 6 years ago

    I definitely think there is going to be an emphasis on up the middle players in the blue jays draft this year.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      AA has stated he’ll take the best available talent.

      • TheBunk 6 years ago

        Saw this post coming from a mile away, talent in 2-whenever rounds are incredibly subjective, you can spin it as best player available, I still think when all is said and done, there is going to be somewhat of a focus on up the middle players.

  2. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    can’t wait till miguel tejada is still without a job in mid february and chooses to retire or take a 2/10 deal.

  3. bravesfansince93 6 years ago

    Who else made Eric Hinske offers?

    • Probably multiple teams if the price was only 1 million and 1 year, got to assume this is the place where he thinks he can get the most at bats

  4. j6takish 6 years ago

    Verlander/Porcello/Scherzer ain’t too shabby, and I’m a fan of the Valverde rumors. I am not a fan of the glaring black hole of setup/middle relief the Tiger bullpen usually has.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

      i think that Valverde, as great as he is, is not worth forking in the money. I’d rather they grab some cheap power hitters to add to the lineup and give their four late inning bullpen guys a chance in Schelereth, Coke, Perry, and even Zumaya. That is a pretty good set of young arms that could surprise alot of people. I’d love to see them nab some one-year deals cheap for power. Maybe Russell Branyan would be a nice low-risk high reward type signing. Rick Ankiel as well.

      • Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

        the key thing last year was that MCab needed protection in the lineup. Inge stepped it up briefly, but tailed off. Branyan and Ankiel would be good, cheap fits.

    • Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

      however, i love the rotation especially with casey crosby and jakob turner on the way. hopefully they can extend verlander with some of the money they have coming their way next year. I’d love to see them go all out for Crawford and Dunn in free agency next year.

      • Guest 6 years ago

        I think Crawford would be a nice fit. But think about it, Just Crawford??? After the 2010 season the Tigers are freeing up some MAJOR payroll…Mags, Bonderman, Willis, Laird, Robertson, Inge, Seay…The Tigers could be the Mariners of the 2010/11 off-season. Possibly Jayson Werth, Victor Martinez, Ted Lilly, Crawford as we said…

        • Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

          agree, they have about 50MM to spend next offseason. If I were Dombrowski, I would be looking for somewhere to get rid of Carlos Guillen, so they have his 12MM to spend next offseason as well. Try paying like 9MM of his 12MM 2010 salary to the mets and getting Luis Castillo. that way they can ease Sizemore into the job, and save money in 2011, seeing that castillo makes only 6MM in 2011, rather than Guillen’s 12MM. Castillo at 6MM, is expensive to have off the bench but it beats Guillen at 12MM off the bench.

        • Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

          i think also they are ready to give Alex Avila a chance at C. Crawford would be the priority, and I would be thrilled if they just got him because they will be competing with the Yanks, Cubs, and Red Sox for all of those players. Werth’s a good player, but I think his numbers are slightly inflated due to Citizen Bank park and all that protection in that lineup

        • tigers22 6 years ago

          He said Crawford AND Dunn. I don’t think the BoSox will let Vmart go so I don’t see that happening. I’d like to get 2 bats (ideally one being a SS) and a veteran pitcher signed to a short deal. I’d take Lilly for a year or 2, but nothing more. Gotta keep some spots open for the projected rotation of Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Turner, Crosby. That’s just downright nasty. Plus the young bullpen arms on the way, we could be looking at a dominating staff in a few years.

          • I definitely dig the rotation of Verlander, Porcello, Scherzer, Lilly, and Crosby in 2011 (assuming Turner won’t be ready in 2011), if Crosby isn’t ready in 2011, they should acquire another veteran pitcher. With some money off of the books, going after a guy like Cliff Lee or Brandon Webb next year isn’t unrealistic, and then after signing Crawford and Dunn, their lineup would be sick. They’d also need to fill the holes at 3B and SS as well, so a guy like Jorge Cantu at 3B wouldn’t be a horrible idea. The free agent market at SS is relatively weak next year, so they’d need to fill the hole via trade. Stephen Drew seems like a logical fit, although it would take some talent to acquire him.Potential Tigers outlook for 2011 is as follows:Pitching rotation:1. Justin Verlander2. Cliff Lee/Brandon Webb3. Rick Porcello4. Max Scherzer5. Ted LillyC: Alex Avila1B: Miguel Cabrera2B: Scott Sizemore3B: Jorge CantuSS: Stephen DrewLF: Carl CrawfordCF: Austin JacksonRF: Ryan RaburnDH: Adam DunnThat’s sick, but probably won’t happen. A variation of that perhaps. I expect them to be major players in free agency next year. If they can’t get Crawford, I can see them making a push for Werth. I’m sure they will go after Lee or Webb (Webb has said he wants to pitch close to home, Detroit is an option close to home.), and a trade for a SS seems like a much better fit than any free agent candidates, Stephen Drew seems like my fit, but the Tigers probably lack the prospects needed, unless they plan on getting fleeced like they did giving up Scherzer and Schlereth for Jackson. They could bring back Inge or they could go after a guy like Cantu. Since Adam Dunn has been on the Tiger’s radar, I could see them bringing him in. A trade of Guillen appears evident to me as well, futureGM because he’s expressed his frustration with the team. It will certainly be interesting, but the 2011 Tigers and beyond should be extremely fun teams to watch, and legitimate contenders. The Chi-sox and Twins had better look out, here come the Tigers in 2011. :)

          • tigers22 6 years ago

            I agree whole heartedly with everything you said. With a few big moves and development of some of these young pitchers, this team will soon be a force.

  5. Derek2Jeter 6 years ago

    As a Yankee fan I really like Gardner, and I am half and half on letting him be our everyday left fielder. He provides very good defense and great speed, but the problem is his hitting. I know that the Yanks can have a lesser player at at least 1 position due to the lineup, but he really isn’t a very good hitter at all which is obvious. If he could only get on base more often he’d be a very valuable player for the team. If Kevin Long can somehow work with him and get him to stop trying to hit fly balls and to chop at the ball, like a Luis Castillo type of player. I’d love to have them resign Nady but you don’t know if he can throw and if he can still hit after the Tommy John Surgery. Reed Johnson is just a very good bench player to me. If these Hairston negotiations go threw, I think a platoon of Hairston and Gardner is fine for 1 year. Cashman has already said that he isn’t spending big on a lef fielder this year because he wants Crawford next year.

    • ultimate913 6 years ago

      What is your source on Cashman saying he wants Crawford next year?

    • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

      Gardner had a .345 OBP last year (higher than Melky) and had a .389 OBP in his minor league career. Scouts loved his discipline and I think he has the potential to be a .360+ OBP guy in the future, though probably not this year. Also, I want you to tell me what makes you think he’s “trying to hit fly balls.” He’s not trying to hit fly balls. His fly ball rate is not that high (32.8% last year) and he put the ball on the ground a good amount for someone with his speed (49%). As for the rumors about Crawford, they are just speculation at this point. I have not heard Cashman come out and say that the reason he isn’t spending on a left fielder is to save up for Crawford.

      • vtadave 6 years ago

        Sorta funny to think that the Yankees would be “saving up” for anybody.

        • JerseyJohn32190 6 years ago

          It does sound weird, but even the mighty Yankees have a budget. Albeit a very high budget.

  6. HoneyNutIchiro 6 years ago

    Tejada & the M’s? Where would he play?

    I guess he could play 3B, Wilson at SS, Figgins at 2B & Lopez at 1B. Kotchman would be the backup 1B & defensive replacement.

  7. Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

    what about Tejada to the White Sox at the right price? He could play 3b, and teahen shift to RF, and Quentin DH?

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      Makes more sense to put tejada at DH sense his defense Is horrid

    • Guest 6 years ago

      I dont think that that could happen. Watch Tejada go to a smaller market team. A’s, O’s, Angels, Reds, Blue Jays

  8. LifeLongYankeeFan 6 years ago

    I think the Yankees would be just fine with Gardner in lf but if they bring back Damon on a one year deal I wouldn’t mind that either if he played half of the year in lf and then split some time with Johnson at DH. I haven’t read about Cashman saying he is going after Crawford next year either but I think that is what is gonna happen and not trying to be cocky at all but if the Yankees want someone and they don’t mind playing there which they usually don’t the Yankees sign who they want. It just seems too obvious with Crawford being a free agent next year and the Yankees not commiting to a LF on more then a one year deal. Who knows if Gardner doesn’t succeed like the Yankees want him to maybe they’ll try and trade for Crawford at the deadline if the Rays would be interested and lock him up. Also, the Red Sox have Ellsbury in lf and Cameron for 2 years in cf so I don’t think they’re gonna go after him which is good plus they have a speedster in lf in Ellsbury already. I’d be interested to see how many sb Gardner can get if he plays a full season and can hit .270 but then again who knows whats gonna happen. The Yankees luckily can take a chance with a Gardner in lf because unlike 2008 when they relied on younger unproven players this year they are coming of a World Championship and weren’t eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs.

  9. markjsunz 6 years ago

    I would like to see the Yankees give Gardner a chance as a starter. He has great speed, he hit about .280 last year and will just get better. With his speed he should score 100 runs or more in that lineup and he gives the Yankees a speed game to go with there sluggers. The Yankees are so deep in talent Gardner may not crack the starting lineup. It is going to be a long season for the sox, the rays will probably outfinish Boston.

  10. Guest 6 years ago

    I agree. I think Tejada would be a great fit for the team that signs him and i think he will win the 2010 Bobby Abreu award If not Vladdy will. As for my Yanks, Nady would be the best fit if they can’t get Damon back. I really hope they bring Damon back though.

  11. Guest 6 years ago

    Yeah but for the Yankees, Aside Daviod Dejesus or Carl Crawford via trade and aside from Johnny Damon, I know you are a Mets fan but in the shoes of Brian Cashman would you rather have a proven X Nady in left or a Reed Johnson, Jonny Gomes, or Jermaine Dye? Dye is pretty much a statue in the OF just like Jose Guillen is. Rick Ankiel would be a nice fit. But between Nady and Ankiel if I had to choose, I would choose Nady because he played on the Yanks and is relatively proven.

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