Phillies Talking Multi-Year Deals With Blanton, Ruiz

Yesterday we learned that the Phillies were discussing a multi-year deal with the arbitration eligible Shane Victorino, and now's Todd Zolecki reports that the team is doing the same with both Joe Blanton and Carlos Ruiz. Blanton is up for arbitration for the final time, but this is Ruiz's first experience with the process.

"I think we're making progress on all of them," (GM Ruben) Amaro said. "We're trying to work through it. We're hoping we can get these done."

Blanton and the Phillies were $2.75MM apart in their arbitration filings, the second largest gap behind Tim Lincecum. We all know what Blanton is at this point, and that's an extremely durable innings eater that'll give you an ERA in the low-4.00's. 

Ruiz filed for $2.5MM while the Phillies countered with $1.7MM. He had a breakout season in 2009, hitting .255/.355/.425 (all career highs) in 379 plate appearances. Chris Iannetta's three year deal worth $8.3MM guaranteed could serve as a baseline for a Ruiz extension.

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  1. cookmeister 6 years ago

    Hey man, title has Ruiz spelled Riuz if you havn’t noticed yet.

  2. dodgers_suck 6 years ago

    saw that! and blanton thinks hes really good or something. if there is one pitcher i don’t like its him. i think he’s horrible and i can’t believe he’s asking for anything for arbitration.

    • Muggi 6 years ago

      Blanton is the kind of guy every team needs: eats innings, stays healthy, keeps the team in games. If the Phils can get him for 2-3yrs at 6-8m, it’s well worth it.

  3. rainyperez 6 years ago

    blanton=lawls for life!

  4. Glv80 6 years ago

    How is Blanton “horrible”? I’ve seen plenty of horrible pitchers in my day and to say that about Blanton is retarded. He threw some great games this year. Do I believe he’s worth $10.5? No. But he’s worth trying to work something out with and I think that is what’s happening.

    • dodgers_suck 6 years ago

      his best year was 4 going on 5 years ago when he was with the A’s. he’s a decent 5th maybe 4th started at best, but worth what he’s asking for. no.

  5. Glv80 6 years ago

    With all due respect, I challenge you to find a number 4 pitcher with a better ERA. Even most number 3s aren’t that good!

  6. AmericanMovieFan 6 years ago

    Blanton at 3 yrs./$18MM sounds pretty good to me. He might want a heftier raise though. Perhaps 4 yrs./$30MM?

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else think the phillies vastly overvalue Joe Blanton?!?

    • myname_989 6 years ago

      I agree, but there isn’t much they can do with him. Haha. They tried to trade him, but there wasn’t enough return and if I was another GM, I wouldn’t want to take on that salary either. There only option to save the cash was to non-tender him, and he’s more valuable than that. Now, they can’t go year to year in arbitration, because he’s asking for 10MM+, Lol. So… They’re pretty stuck. Signing him to a 2 year deal makes sense to me though…

    • Think of it this way….. he’s consistent and with out him there’s no championship in 08, or even gettin in there in 09 …………Philz most consistant starter all year

  8. dodgers_suck 6 years ago

    blantons rea this year was 4.05

    these aren’t that impressive and for this year its not saying much but zito had a lower era. billingsley had a lower era and he didn’t even start at the end of the season.

  9. billmartin 6 years ago

    Prior to the Cliff Lee trade, Blanton was easily the Phillies’ best pitcher in ’09. 1.21 ERA in July; 2.81 ERA in August. A 5-2 record over that stretch with 10 Quality Starts (i.e., that’s every start in Jul.-Aug.). The rest of the season wasn’t anything to sneeze at either, so I’ll echo what others have said about Blanton throwing 4.00+ quality innings. I’m really curious to see what comparables the naysayer posters come up with.

  10. What he gives you is 6-7 inning of 3 or 4 runs and playing in a hitters park. Yes he is a 3 starter! not a great one but a similar player to Jason Marquis. so 3 yrs int he 20million range is what he’ll get. something along the line of the adam eaton deal a cpl yrs ago.

    • dodgers_suck 6 years ago

      maybe its just me. i was looking at his stats and he isn’t that bad. the only thing you can give me is he looks like he should be brad penny’s brother???

  11. Alldaybaseball 6 years ago

    Iannetta is better than Ruiz.

    • Muggi 6 years ago

      At the plate yeah, Iannetta offers more…but Ruiz plays excellent D, knows the pitching staff, and is very popular in the clubhouse.

      There’s probably some “go with what you know” thinking in Philly. Ruiz has worked well, they don’t really NEED more offense, so if they can lock up a dependable guy for a low price…one less thing to worry about.

  12. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    Blanton is a very good number 4. His FIP shows that he’s had a small bit of help from his defense, but if anything, his ERA should be closer to 4.20, which isn’t anything to pull hairs for.

  13. yahtzee26 6 years ago


  14. melonis_rex 6 years ago

    Locking up Blanton to a multi year deal sounds more like the wrong idea than the right.

    In a market when the mid tier SP market is dropping beyond belief, you don’t give a multi year extension to a mid tier SP.

    Blanton is not as good a pitcher as Wolf, but if he were to sign a multi year extension, he’d probably get more than Marquis/Piniero.

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