Rockies Sign Paul Lo Duca

The Rockies officially signed catcher Paul Lo Duca to a minor league deal today.  If he makes the team, Lo Duca's role will be to come off the bench as a backup option at catcher, first base and the outfield.  The news first broke Tuesday when Lo Duca texted MLB Home Plate producer James Kouledianos.

The Denver Post's Troy Renck reported Tuesday that the Rockies' interest in Lo Duca may be related to his relationship with manager Jim Tracy — the catcher played under Tracy in Los Angeles from 2001 to 2004.  Lo Duca, a former four-time All-Star, last played in the majors in 2008, when he posted a .243/.321/.295 line in 193 plate appearances with the Marlins and Nationals.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    The guy has to know that he’s going to get an ear full of boos when the Rox play the Nats in D.C.

    • WhiteSox81 5 years ago

      wouldn’t people actually have to go to a Nats game before they could give someone an ear full of boos?

  2. CreativeMace 5 years ago

    What did this guy do last year? He kinda fell off my radar…

    • GoFish128 5 years ago

      He analyzed horse races on TVG Network. No joke.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

        Hopefully he can still tell the difference between a jockey and jockstrap.

      • bigpat 5 years ago

        He really analyzed horse races? That is legendary.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        So he did reports on Dana Jacobsen and Sara Jessica Parker?

    • Alldaybaseball 5 years ago

      Sit at home… Still good since he could be a cheap good backup catcher. Plus it minor league no harm done.

  3. catch21_2 5 years ago

    Looks like as long as you know somebody on the inside, you can stick around way beyond your days of productive play. He should be cut in camp.

  4. He’ll be a decent backup. Was shocked nobody signed him last year to be honest.

  5. MrMurphyRoops 5 years ago

    And the world still doesn’t care.

  6. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Gonna miss him on TVG. Good luck Paulie

  7. penpaper 5 years ago

    Minor league contract? Shouldn’t matter whether he’s productive or not, he’s filler at worst.

  8. they’ll probably sign eric gagne while they’re at it as well

  9. To quote manager Lou Brown from Major League, “This guy’s dead!”

  10. Play outfield? HAHAHAHHAHA

  11. rootman1010 5 years ago


  12. dodgerblueboys 5 years ago

    Who’s next? Hee Seop Choi?

  13. BarrryBonds 5 years ago

    remember when he did steroids? oh wait no one does cus he didn’t hit home runs. forgive and forget.

  14. patrick88 5 years ago

    Loduca was great on the mets when he was hitting behind reyes good luck Paul hopefully see u back in the bigs

  15. LoDuca wasn’t good when he was playing everyday and doing PED’s. Wonder what the Rox think he’s going to do for them? Misguided attempt at getting better I think, this isn’t going to pan out.

  16. bucs_lose_again 5 years ago

    Anyone remember him and Milton Bradley going at it when both playing for the Dodgers? Classic stuff…

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