Royals Sign Scott Podsednik

The Royals finalized their one-year $1.75MM deal with Scott Podsednik today. The contract includes a 2011 club option worth $2MM, but Podsednik can void it if he picks up 525 plate appearances this year. Both the 2010 and 2011 years include incentives worth $250K or more.

Podsednik, who turns 34 before the season starts, will compete with Mitch Maier and perhaps Brian Anderson for playing time in center field. He rates slightly below average on defense, according to UZR/150, but does add some value on offense. He hit .304/.353/.412 for the White Sox last year, stealing 30 bases in 43 attempts.

Royals GM Dayton Moore said last night on 610 Sports Radio that the Royals were close to signing a speedy outfielder. Today, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted that Podsednik had a deal and's Jerry Crasnick confirmed it was with the Royals. Dick Kaegel of, Sam Mellinger of the KC StarRosenthal and John Marshall of the AP followed up with the details.

Ben Nicholson-Smith contributed to this post.

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  1. Joey Gathright still available?

    I bet it’s him

  2. $1529282 6 years ago

    Knowing Moore, he’s so delusional that he thinks Rick Ankiel is a big-time speedster.

    I wouldn’t put it past DM to sign Melvin Mora or something, and claim he’s a speedy outfielder. He’s completely off his rocker. Hell, he might be signing JOHN Rocker to play center field. Or, he could just be giving Jose Guillen another $36MM to try to play two positions simultaneously. Who knows?

    Dayton Moore just flat out entertains me. :)

    • Podsednik’s not a bad pickup. If he can improve in the field (as he seems to be doing), he could provide some value in the Royals lineup.

  3. So they might have an OF of DeJesus, Podsednik and Guillen. If thats the case its very good defense in LF and CF.

    • $1529282 6 years ago

      I dunno about that. This year’s 1.7 UZR in center was the first that Pods has ever come to being anything other than garbage in CF. And it’s not like he’s got a rocket launcher for an arm, either.

      • I guess I was wrong to assume speed equals good defense.

        • Yes, you would think so, but all stats aside, Podsednik just doesn’t utilize his speed very well in the outfield. I didn’t consider him a liability when he was with the Sox, but he’s not really great, and he’s probably suited better for a corner than center. He just takes questionable routes to the ball a lot of times, and his arm isn’t very strong, but seems to be getting stronger. He had more assists in ’09 than I’m used to seeing out of him. Brian Anderson on the other hand… WHEW, now there’s a great defender.

    • Guest 6 years ago

      Yeah a statue is right field named Jose Guillen. Being a Royals fan, There is no reason why they should be spending big money on a Center Fielder when they arent going to be able to compete anytime soon. It’s just wasting money. I hope that if it were Rick Ankiel that he would have a full healthy season because i do think that he is the best available center fielder on the free agent market. The Royals could also use some offense whether they are able to compete or if they arent going to be able to.

    • losingfaithinmightymelvin 6 years ago

      I dunno about a very good defense in CF. Scotty Po was a fan favorite when he was a rookie in MIL, but his speed didn’t help his D that much. He would misjudge fly balls and take horrible routes to line drives or deep gappers. I haven’t had a chance to watch him play recently, maybe he got better on D, but I doubt it judging by the relatively small contract he signed. With that said, MIL-town is still rooting for you scotty!

    • losingfaithinmightymelvin 6 years ago

      I dunno about a very good defense in CF. Scotty Po was a fan favorite when he was a rookie in MIL, but his speed didn’t help his D that much. He would misjudge fly balls and take horrible routes to line drives or deep gappers. I haven’t had a chance to watch him play recently, maybe he got better on D, but I doubt it judging by the relatively small contract he signed. With that said, MIL-town is still rooting for you scotty!

  4. Yeah Scotty Pods!! This would be a great signing for the Royals. Too bad he kinda sucks on defense but he can sure fly on the base paths.

    • Suzysman 6 years ago

      yeah, its just too bad he really sucks on those basepaths too.

      But thats okay, he so rarely makes it on base that he doesnt have nearly the chances he would like to hurt his clubs with his anti-productive baserunning.

      • .350 OBP isn’t someone who RARELY gets on base.

        • Mule 6 years ago

          Podsednik had a .342 BABIP last season, which accounts for the spike in On-base. His OBP the two years before were .299 and .322.

        • Red_Line_9 6 years ago

          That OBP was an anomaly. There’s a reason the White Sox didn’t resign him. He’s spent his career struggling with OBP.

        • Suzysman 6 years ago

          .322, .299, .330, .313 – those are 4 of the 5 seasons leading up to 2009.

          And his SB rates are just horrific. 70% (09), 75% (08), 71% (07), 68% (06), 72% (05). Each of those years he was costing his team more then helping them by pitifully refusing to stay on the bases. Here
          link to
          “If you’re stealing at less than a 75% success rate, you’re better off never going at all.”

          When rarely getting on base, and refusing to stay there upwards of 15 times a season, you are a drain on an offense. Combine the two (low OBP plus refusal to stay OB once he makes it) and you watch his OBP-value plummet – .293 (04), .309 (05), .296 (06), .272 (07), .300 (08), .328 (09), .313 (Car). Those pitiful marks are the ob-base rates his teammates received from him to take advantage of.

          • mccuddy 6 years ago

            I think it’s a little more likely that struggling teams would give him the steal sign rather than a “refusal to stay OB.” Do you actually think players are that independent in their thinking? “Hmm, you know, I think I’ll hit a home run this time.”

          • Suzysman 6 years ago

            Not sure if you followed the meaning of that. Refusal to stay on base refers to his complete inability to effectively steal, yet insistence on continuing trying.

            As far as teams giving a player a green light, it is still up to them to actually get a proper lead, proper jump and a successful steal. Pods is unable to do this, whether told to run by management or not. Plus, a good chunk of his base-running blunders come from him just staring at the clouds and eventually being picked off first.

          • rlegear 6 years ago

            You failed to note the 10 times that he was picked off or thrown out trying to stretch a hit or advancing on a hit. He is a stupid base runner. These stats do not appear on a regular stat sheet. I had to see it myself to believe it.

    • Red_Line_9 6 years ago

      I watched him repeatedly make mental mistakes on the bases last season with the White Sox. He’s fast but isn’t a very good base runner. Ankiel would have provided defense and power at the plate.

  5. twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

    I can only hope that DM is referring to Willie Wilson that traveled 25 years into the future with Doc Brown.

    • $1529282 6 years ago

      Best name on MLBTR, twenty1thirteen. Just had to say that.

      • S8P7W 6 years ago

        How about my picture? 2112? :)

        • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

          I’m hip to both!

          • S8P7W 6 years ago

            You, sir, are in my good books! Geddy up!

          • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

            Word. I usually post as PJH, but this new comment system and my brain were not getting along tonite.

        • $1529282 6 years ago

          Whether you’re talking 2112 or 2113… I love both bands. It’s all good with me.

          • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

            Not many people get the 2113 thing. Props, even though you’re a Twins fan, haha.

          • S8P7W 6 years ago

            Nice :)
            2112 – Maybe not the best album, but IMO the best song ever.

          • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

            No argument there. I got to see them play the entire record live awhile ago.

          • S8P7W 6 years ago

            Lucky man. So freaking jealous. Hoping for a tour this year. I’ve heard rumors of one. Here’s to hoping!

          • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

            That was back in ’97. No opening band, just all Rush. They were also my first concert with Primus in ’92.

          • S8P7W 6 years ago

            Nice! Favorite Rush album?
            C & C definitely influenced by Rush. Love it!

          • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

            I know it’s pretty cliché, but Moving Pictures. It’s what I grew up listening to as a child, and inspired me to start thumpin’ the bass.

          • S8P7W 6 years ago

            I’d have to agree.
            Tom Sawyer
            Red Barchetta
            The Camera Eye
            Witch Hunt
            Vital Signs

            Off the top of my head. All the songs are 5 star songs, I’d say.
            BTW, I’m only 23. Didn’t grow up with it. It just kinda stuck with me one day, a couple years back, and now I have all their studio albums, a couple compilations and 3 live tour DVDs. Loving it! Rush will live on forever…

          • Rootdown 6 years ago

            No song beats closer to the heart.

  6. menaceiisobriety 6 years ago

    Pods wins the hot wife contest. The crew is following suit with Misty May Treanors husband but Pods killed it.

  7. VL*TRiPPYNIGGAZ 6 years ago

    you know its scottie. they sign nothing but ex-sox

  8. Pods def wins hottie wife game

  9. royaldaddy 6 years ago

    Dear Mr. Glass, Please fire this clown. We are the laughing stock of the league. I think I’m going to wear a brown bag to games that Greinke doesn’t pitch in next year.

  10. Pauly2Face 6 years ago

    No, he’s talking about the guy we used to know as Corey Patterson. He legally changed his name to Speedy Outfielder to trick Dayton Moore into signing him. Genius, really.

  11. whitesox823 6 years ago

    royals are collecting ex white sox players it seems

  12. What about DeRo’s wife?

  13. bigpat 6 years ago

    Kenny Lofton?

  14. AkronHammer 6 years ago

    cmon giants sign podsenik

  15. AkronHammer 6 years ago

    why rnt the giants signing him!!! uuguugggh so hard to be a giants fan

    • rootman1010 6 years ago

      my guess is the giants go for damon to play left.

      in other royal’s news, who will play third and short? gordon at third and betancourt at short? what about mike aviles?

    • 55saveslives 6 years ago

      Why? We need a power bat not a like bat

    • Stop with these stupid comments where you whine about the Giants not signing people they should be avoiding. It’s people like you who feed Sabean’s hunger for overrated and overpaid veterans.

  16. royalrevival 6 years ago

    In the same interview, Moore also said something really interesting and I will do by best to quote, but he said the “Royals will end up adding 3 of the top 5 international free agents, with Cuthbert, Arguelles, and one more guy that should come within the.. (can’t remember the timetable he said).”

    The only guy who fits the bill is Chapman, can anyone else think of anybody?

  17. danks50 6 years ago

    Dayton Moore is an idiot, for some reason he sees a reason is scooping up the worst White Sox players and trying to assemble an actual team with them. The AL Central should of thrown a party when it was announced this dope was extended and will continue to run the Royals into the ground through 2014!

  18. firealyellon 6 years ago

    Podsednik CF
    DeJesus LF
    Guillen RF
    Butler 1B
    Gordon 3B
    Fields DH
    Aviles SS
    Getz 2B
    Kendall C


    • royalsfanhaha 6 years ago

      That actually isn’t a horrible lineup. We have had worse.

  19. I’m kind of a closet Royals fan cept when they are playing my one true baseball love the Minnesota Twins. It’s something about the small market team from the midwest that has a home town charm that truly exemplifies why I simply love the game and always will.

  20. Suzysman 6 years ago

    2010 Royals 5-year OBP marks (or career marks for under 5-year players):CA – .336 – Kendall1B – .346 – Butler2B – .323 – Gets3B – .331 – GordonSS – .298 – Betancourt LF – .357 – DeJesusCF – .308 – Podsednik (that is Caught Stealing adjusted from .338 since Pods just absolutely refuses to stay on those bases once he somehow gets there)RF – .322 – GuillenDH – .302 – FieldsIF – .322 – AvilesIF – .328 – MaierBC – .290 – PenaOF – .260 – ThormanOF – .290 – B. AndersonTwo things stand out1 – This is a Dusty dream team if…2 – DeJesus and Butler are probably going to be traded; they just don’t fit in with this club at all. Look for maybe Garret Anderson (.319 ) and Hank Blalock (.318) to take their places

    • jwkc 6 years ago

      Butler is not going anywhere, and Moore has stated that multiple times. DeJesus is on the block, but they aren’t going to trade him unless they get something worthy in return.

    • rootman1010 6 years ago

      where is callaspo? he’s gotta be on the bench if not in the lineup over getz… mitch maier is an outfielder… how did you miss that one? scott thorman is best as a first baseman and will play very little outfield

      • rootman1010 6 years ago

        no willie bloomquist?

      • Suzysman 6 years ago

        yeah, did that right before bed and seems I made some personnel mistakes.Bench choices areBC – .290 – PenaIF – .341 – CallaspoIF – .328 – MaierOF – .322 – AvilesOF – .260 – ThormanOF – .290 – B. AndersonI/O – .319 – Bloomquist

        Which no wonder the Royals were talking about trading Callaspo for a 4A catcher – his OBP is just too high!

  21. crunchy1 6 years ago

    I feel the Royals pain on this one. I understand that Moore does not use advanced metrics but what about good old-fashioned scouting? Heck, he could just ask any White Sox fan about Posednik and his propensity for getting picked off…and seemingly in crucial situations. Posednik is a member of the Angel Pagan/Jacque Jones club of people with more speed than smarts. A race between those three might resemble The 100 Meter Dash for People With No Sense of Direction.

    • Whoa whoa whoa, he is nowhere near as bad as Pagan or Jones. Yes he’ll get picked off, yes he’ll take bad routes at times in the field. But the man is still a sparkplug at the top of the lineup. He gets on base, a lot. I predict his pickoff percentage to go down(can’t get much higher) and he should be good for a 1.5 WAR on the Royals.

      But as a Sox fan, I hope you’re right in your assessment.

      • crunchy1 6 years ago

        Matt Klaassen of Fangraphs has him at 0.5 WAR. CHONE pegs him at 0.7. He profiles more as a 4th or 5th outfielder. It’s easy to remember him from 2005 — or even last year and think he should start, but he’s been a negative WAR player every year in between.

        I’m a Cub fan but over the years I have come to root for the Sox (my wife is a diehard fan and we attend as many Sox games as we do Cub games)… and I’m not going to worry about the Royals as long as Dayton Moore is running them!

    • firealyellon 6 years ago

      I haven’t been a Pods fan in a while, but this myth about his baserunning has become one of the greatest exaggerations of recent years. Pods has made a whopping eight baserunning outs over the last three years. New teammate DeJesus, for example, has made 20 baserunning outs in that same span. Pods has been an above average baserunner (per Bill James’ baserunning metrics) in 6 of his 7 ML seasons (2007 the exception). Pods is an obviously not a great signing for KC and there are many holes in his game to criticize, baserunning is really not one of them.

      • firealyellon 6 years ago

        BP’s baserunning metric rates Pods as the best baserunner on the 2009 Sox. Grant you, not a great feat, but he’s in the top 100 best in the ML (#90):
        link to

        • Suzysman 6 years ago


          -2.09 EQSBR (Equivalent Stolen Base Runs) – good for number 826 of 846 players!

          Yeah, he’s doing great with those SBs…

          • firealyellon 6 years ago

            1) notice i cited baserunning as opposed to basestealing. he’s an average baserunner, crappy basestealer. Ozzie, btw, bears responsibility for sending him so often.
            2) no doubt, Pods is a horrible stealer, but even then, so he cost the team a whopping two runs (or 0.2 wins) over an entire year. Who cares? You really think that’s gonna make or break a team? Ridiculous.

          • Suzysman 6 years ago

            All those stolen base attempts (43 to be exact) cost his team 2 runs. Thereby negating all value he has in the SB department. You are then left with a less-then league average hitter with negative SB ability and poor fielding. It costing runs only adds to the countless other areas he costs runs.

            Overall, Fangraphs has him at -85.9 runs over the average player the last 5 seasons – that is only 14.1 runs over replacement over a 5 year span! When you average 2.8 runs above replacement level player over a 5 year span, well why not go with the replacement level player – he probably comes with much more upside.

          • firealyellon 6 years ago

            we agree. he’s not good in any facet of the game. his impact on the basepaths is trivial when you compare it to the harm he does with his glove at CF and (lack of) bat.

        • crunchy1 6 years ago

          Looking at that BP list, I found it interesting that he ranked one spot ahead of the great Aaron Miles. More importantly, Coco Crisp ranked 37th and he’s far better on defense to boot. They would have been better off keeping him.

          Carlos Zambrano ranked 156th on that list at an EQBRR of 0.7. Compared to Pods’ 1.5, you’re look at less than a run difference. And Pods is a guy you’re paying to win games with his legs…theoretically, at least. Most of the guys behind him on the list….and quite a few ahead of him (i.e. Dan Uggla), aren’t in the lineup for their speed.

          • Suzysman 6 years ago

            “They would have been better off keeping him.”No doubt there. Pods shouldnt pinch-hit (he cant hit!), shouldnt pinch-run (horrible runner with a tendency to cost a team in big moments), shouldnt be a defense replacement (cant field well at all)… Scotty shouldnt be on a ML roster, let alone as a starting CF.

            And the “scratch that” post below should read:
            “What he fails to mention is Pods was only on base 336 times over those 3 years. DeJesus was on base 675 times. You would expect a player with fewer then half the times on base to have fewer then half the out totals.”
            (edit option no longer valid with rep-ly being given)

      • crunchy1 6 years ago

        I guess the 13 caught stealings last year alone don’t count as baserunning outs?

        • Suzysman 6 years ago

          scratch that :p

          • firealyellon 6 years ago

            definitely correct, i forgot Pods has had much fewer ABs than DJ. i’m just trying to figure out how he became the poster child of bad baserunning, when on the whole (EQBRR), he’s completely run-of-the-mill.

          • Suzysman 6 years ago

            Because his supposed speed should put him at (or at least near) the Top of all baserunners. Instead, he is so poor at stealing bases that he only ends up about average at best.And I am skeptical of the advancement stats that even lead to him being something around average – remember the team he played for here. Both clubs play in a park which increase power and result in longer fly balls. Both lineups also held guys with big power. I imagine its pretty easy to advance bases with guys like Dye/Thome/Konerko/Quentin (in Chicago) and Holliday/Helton/Atkins/Hawpe (in Colorado) following you to the plate.

          • crunchy1 6 years ago

            Run-of-the-mill doesn’t cut it when baserunning is essentially what he’s getting paid to do. When you’re labeled as a speedster or a ML leadoff hitter, you have to be better than be the 90th best in baseball.

            Instead of poster boy for bad baserunning, maybe he could be the poster boy for overrated baserunner. As I mentioned, most of the people behind him on that list aren’t exactly in the lineup for their baserunning prowess.

          • firealyellon 6 years ago

            how can he be overrated when 99% of Sox fans would swear on a bible he was the worst baserunner in the league. it’s not his fault baseball GMs and managers continue to miscast him as a leadoff hitter or a great base stealer. he’s just a replacement-level guy. i really think ppl just hate him and it completely skews how much fans think he actually stinks. if he’s paid to be replacement-level and produced at replacement-level, who cares…the guy is a non-story.

          • crunchy1 6 years ago

            99% huh? Is that a scientific poll? You wouldn’t know it from some of the comments that have been posted. I don’t think people hate him so much as they were afraid that their team’s GM (especially if you have a bad one like Hendry) was going to pay him a lot of money to be their starting CF and leadoff man.

          • Suzysman 6 years ago

            See, I often feel as though Sox fans unjustly lift him on this pedestal he has no business being anywhere near.I think it comes from the fact that he is exciting to watch, and that in turn becomes a good thing in their mind which they transfer incorrectly into his value. See, much like Pierre, Pods will try to leg out 500+ weak grounders a season – those always get people to their feet! He might be walking back to the bench more then one in four times, but watching a guy take off for second once every couple days is exciting for fans as well. And sure he is a poor fielder, but he runs like a child in a candy store so you root for him heavily.At the end of the day, none of these events actually provided any value, but people enjoyed the thrill it gave them and they rooted for him like crazy to actually make t that time. Well, when you root for a guy enough, sometimes you actually begin convincing yourself he must be an okay player. Plus, you are paying so much attention to each of his events – people might really begin thinking (as is the case with Sox fans) he got on a lot solely because they were paying so much attention to each of those times he was running out that weak grounder.There are still Cubs fans that somehow insist Pierre was good because of those 200 meaningless singles because man was it thrilling watching him try to leg out the nearly 800 six-hoopers to second it took to get them! Root for a guy to somehow make it to first 800 times and you build an illogical bond with the guy. Well in the case of Pierre he also has one big advantage. That is, he looks like he just stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting of 5th graders playing stickball – and who doesnt like Norman Rockwell paintings of 5th graders playing stickball?

          • crunchy1 6 years ago

            I’m going to chalk it up to the younger fans. When I was a kid, it was Shawon Dunston. Here’s a guy who hit .790 in high school and stole 37 bases in 37 tries. Even as a pro, he was someone you’d watch and wait for something exciting to happen. He busted his butt on every groundball. He could flat out fly (in terms of raw speed). The speed in his wrists was also phenomenal. He had a howitzer for an arm and made some impossible plays in the field — I don’t know if you remember that throw to first from the left field foul line. I really wanted to believe then that it made him a good baseball player…or at least that he had the potential to be one. When you’re a kid, you appreciate the energy, the physical skills, and the seemingly limitless possibilities — and you’re more impressionable to that spectacular play or moment. (Hey…now that would also make another Normal Rockwell painting! A wide-eyed, gaping kid at the ballpark with his dad, watching his favorite player make an unbelievable play!)

            I think as you get older you see a bigger overall picture. You acquire a more global perspective on a player’s ability and worth. Had Dunston been breaking in to the bigs today, I would see him in a much different light…but, in many ways I have to admit that I wish that my youthful perception was the correct one!

      • Suzysman 6 years ago

        It is also important to note the number of opportunities he had last season when looking at that +1.5 BRR score. (which I think this gets into the lineup behind him that I was talking about earlier)In that 2009 BRR ranking, you will notice his total Opportunity count is 511; the 21st highest of the top 200 BRR players. So he had a +1.5 BRR score (tied-90th best), and 511 Opps (21st highest) – or +.00294 Runs per Opportunity.How does that BRR/Opp stack up against the other top 200 players? He ranks #175 of the top 200 BRR players.Of all 330 players with a positive base running value in 2009, where do you think he ranks? Try #272 – in a perfect .00294/opp tie with Chris Carpenter! Yeah, the Cardinals pitcher Christ Carpenter. Theoretically, give Carpenter the 511 oppertunities Pods had last season and he will end up with the same +1.5 EqBRR score. And tell me that isnt ridiculous from a guy who supposedly makes his living off his speed.

  22. So a team that should be loaded with young talent and giving auditions for the future is intent on signing every has-been they can get their hands on. Glad I’m not a Royals fan.

  23. cderry 6 years ago

    Maybe they were referring to Jim Thome. I saw a woman on a walker only beat him once. And 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    • jhawk90 6 years ago

      I think if they signed Thome the guys over at The Dugout would go apoplectic. WordUpThome and pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth together again would be comedy gold.

  24. chetkincaid 6 years ago

    Royals = White Sox South

  25. Abraham Zapruder 6 years ago

    Dayton Moore did not learn much under John Schuerholz.

  26. bbxxj 6 years ago

    Anyone else think Mitch Maier would have been a better choice at 400k than Posdsedik at whatever they are giving him?

    Slash- .243/.333/.331/.665 (with below average BABIP luck in a neutral park)
    SB- 9
    CS- 2
    BB%- 11.2%
    CF UZR/150- 1.7
    Salary- 400K

    Slash- .304/.353/.412/.764 (with above average BABIP luck in a hitters park)
    SB- 30
    CS- 13
    BB%- 6.8%
    CF UZR/150- 1.7
    Salary- more than 400k?

    Both are averagish fielding center fielders but aren’t the same at the plate or on the basepaths. Podsednik may have more power and slightly better contact skills (considering BABIP luck) but he has just about half the walk rate as Maier which seems to be something the Royals need, someone who can take walks. Podsednik stole three times as many bases as Maier but he also got caught stealing four and a half times more than Maier which makes Maier’s 9/11 in attempts look so much better in terms of how hit helps the team than Podsedniks 30/43 in attempts.

    Simply put, Maier and his 11%+ walk rate and controlled speed for 400k would be a better value than Podsednik at a higher cost.

  27. melonis_rex 6 years ago

    Anything more than 1 year at 1MM and this is a stupid deal for the Royals.

    Please fire Dayton Moore. Or demote him to lead scout, he can scout but he can’t build a baseball team.

  28. Hoosierdaddy92 6 years ago

    well, sad to see the white sox let him go to an in-division team. I know they’re OF is kinda tight with Pierre, Rios, Quentin, and Jones, but IMO he just belongs in a White Sox Uniform. KC fans, just know, I am not saying this signing boosts KC to a first place finish, but you are getting a quality player who plays his heart out every game and legitimately loves to play baseball. Hopefully he can establish a work ethic in some of your young prospects so that you become relevant again. its really a low-risk move, that can really only do more good than bad to an otherwise dreadful team

  29. Any clues into how much?

  30. rootman1010 6 years ago


  31. rootman1010 6 years ago


    • twenty1thirteen 6 years ago

      Good question. I am hoping they will stick him at DH considering that is all he can do.

  32. soxluv 6 years ago

    I’ll miss Pods – not because I think he’s very good but he was good in 05 and 09 – and a great playoff run in 05. He’s never had 2 good back to back seasons and he is an awful base runner and can’t play defense. But he is a White Sox hero and I won’t enjoy seeing him in a royals uniform. Plus – he’ll probably kill the Sox next year.

  33. The UZR is limited in sample size for the past couple years, but I think the Royals would be better off putting Podsednik in LF and using DeJesus in CF. I’ll let some Royals fans comment on DeJesus’s defense, but Podsednik overcomes his natural advantage in speed when he tries to play CF. The consensus among White Sox fans has been that he’s okay in LF as long as he’s getting on base, but he doesn’t belong in CF.

  34. crunchy1 6 years ago

    Fangraphs has him at 0.5 WAR, ChONE at 0.7…that sounds like a 4th or 5th outfielder to me.

  35. crunchy1 6 years ago

    You mean the 13 times he got caught stealing last year alone doesn’t count as baserunning outs?

  36. crunchy1 6 years ago

    My computer just went wacky…sorry about these re-posts. They were meant to be replies to a previous post.

  37. Podsednik CF
    DeJesus LF
    Guillen RF
    Butler 1B
    Gordon 3B
    Fields DH
    Aviles SS
    Getz 2B
    Kendall C

    Ladies and Gentlemen the worst starting lineup in MLB. Moore just doesnt want his job anymore but wants to get fired. Dayton has absolutely no idea how to build a team. Only Avilies, Dejesus, Butler and Gordon are the players who deserve an everyday job in 2010.

    Zack Greinke could do a better job GMing. Im dead serious.

  38. Red_Line_9 6 years ago

    Dayton Moore reminds me of the kid who repeatedly spends 25 cents on lousy toys out of the machine at the grocery store. It’s all shiny and new…and neat….and hollow and forgettable. The kid who can’t be convinced to save a few bucks and get some real toys.

    He let Buck and Olivo walk and paid MORE for Kendall. His problem is that he thinks you can put a $ value on heart and grittiness. Great! That stuff great as a complementing factor on a good team…but the Royals? They need to get better and can’t with these veterans sucking up playing time.

  39. Ferrariman 6 years ago

    Eh only 2 mil, how bad could it be…

    • Mule 6 years ago

      Its not a horrible contract, but it shows that Moore still doesn’t value the more advanced player evaluation methods, tools that look deeper than average and stolen bases, and attempt to judge players on repeatable stills that can improve his teams win/loss record in the future.

      Also, having guys like Pods, Farnsworth, Betancourt, and Kendall on the club does not make the team any good, or fill small holes, or excite the fan base, or anything else–except draw money away from scouting and player development where it would be far better spent.

  40. bomberj11 6 years ago

    Are the Royals rebuilding, or trying to be competitive? Or is Dayton Moore playing some mental game with us? These questions will haunt me forever……

  41. I’d rather have Pod than Ankiel or Winn. Winn is old, and Ankiel will strike out every 3 at bats.

    Out of those 3, Im ok with the Pod signing. BUT, if they added up the 40 minor league signings and the major league signing to Anderson, and used that money on a free agent, I bet they could have gotten a pretty good one! But what the hell do I know.

  42. thebigdog 6 years ago

    So the White Sox will be able to get Pods back for August and September for a Class A 4th outfielder… nice.

  43. Yeah I was kinda being sarcastic, but the Anderson signing was infact a $750,000 major league contract.

    I just think thats a waste of money.

    • jasonwhitesox 6 years ago

      let not forget last seaosn pods didnt play a full season and slowed down towards the end…He cant field to save his life in Cf and is mediocre in left…he does strike out alot, gets caught stealing alot and makes bad base running decisions…he is a good some times great hitter(he was best for the sox when he was batting 9th not going to lie).. As a sox fan im sad to see him go to the royals. But lets also not forget people his best year of his career was back when he was with the brew-crew…he wont steal 40+ he might give you 30, but he will get caught 15+ times in big situations. He will maybe hit .300 but who knows mayve that was just him trying to prove he can play. He has NEVER had productive years back to back……And cani ask this, what was the point in signing him when you signed brian anderson(who got screwed over sorta in chicago) B. Anderson is one of the better fielders out there, pretty fast(20-30 sb) and will hit around .260+ ..not a bad 4th out fielder…just wait for him to complain about not starting and wanting a trade like he did for us….good luck with pods he is fun to watch and B. Anderson is a little punk…can we call the royals the white sox AAAA team considering who you have now, pods, anderson, fields, getz(the best of the players very very sad to se him go), farnsworth and maybe you get olivo back.,..lots o old sox players there

  44. I have been wondering how the Royals lineup would play out, as it seems they have few outfielders but too many middle infielders.
    -2B/SS Aviles: good 2008, I don’t if that was a fluke, and may not be healthy by Opening Day
    -2B Callapso: expressive batting numbers in 09, awhile ago I heard a rumor about possible trade talks with Arizona but that seems dead. Would he DH instead of Fields?
    -2B Getz: Seems to be preferred as starting 2b over Callapso
    -SS Betancourt: bad acquisition
    -UTL Bloomquist: I think he can play some CF, and wonder how he compares to Pods there

    Also, wasn’t Pods traded straight up for Carlos Lee between the Brewers and the White Sox, or am I completely wrong on this?

    • jason1287 6 years ago

      you are correct there might have been money/ prospects in the deal but the main figures were c.Lee for pods….good luck with him royals fans he will make your already bad team (unless greinke is pitching) even mre frustrating…and just hope Banderson Does not make the opening day roster he is a bad htter…ok fielder…bad runner(thinks he is faster than he is) no arm…and a bad sport…fields swings at everything and only hits fast balls of leftys and getz has real promise but is too inconsistant

    • losingfaithinmightymelvin 6 years ago

      If I’m not mistaken we (brewers) also gave the Sox Luis Vizcaino along with Scotty Po. Vizcaino was supposed to be our set up guy at the time, but had a huge problem with giving up the longball, and I’m pretty sure he still does. I’m trying to remember as best I can, but I think those were the only 3 players in the deal.

  45. whitesox823 6 years ago

    you have a valid point

  46. Aviles is a great player and Gordon is still stuck on potential for some reason…stay tuned….

  47. rootman1010 6 years ago

    you’re a royals fan, when do you think kila ka’aihue will make it to the majors this year? or will he at all?

  48. Suzysman 6 years ago

    “1. Scott just needs a little device in his helmet once he’s on base…so the coach can tell him to go or to stay, he’s decision challenged.”

    Great idea.

    Put a lab-rat like zapper in his helmet and sensors on the ground so they electrify him every time he takes more then 3 steps off the 1B bag. Maybe that will keep him from giving away so many runs a season.

  49. crunchy1 6 years ago

    Can we get one of those zappers fitted for Ryan Theriot’s helmet too? I get this feeling that Theriot has the same problem that I did when I played ball in that he believes he is much faster than he actually is.

  50. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Yeah, I already emailed Hendry saying we needed one for him and Fukudome, lol.

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