Odds & Ends: Dye, Mets, Lincecum, Vazquez, Colon

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  1. robert r 5 years ago

    Oh somebody call Ed Wade and let him know Springs is looking for work… maybe he’ll get a ST invite too….

    • Guest 5 years ago

      These Free Agents are so uncomfortable on the market. Dye, Washburn, Delgado, and more of these guys are thinking about retirement. Relax fellas! You’ll get a job!!

    • “Hey Ed, we have some trash that wants to get paid LOTS of money, I mean their demands are outrageous, MULTIPLE YEARS! Interested?”

      “Hell Yes”

  2. BronxBomber7190 5 years ago

    you might as well just take Jeter’s name off the 2011 free agent list cause hes not going anywhere!

  3. start_wearing_purple 5 years ago

    If Jeter changes teams next year it could be a sign of the coming apocalypse.

    • Rootdown 5 years ago

      Jeter would look hilarious in some other uniform. Dodger blue anyone?

      • AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

        Yeah, Jeter with any other team’s colors or name on the front would be weird. It wouldn’t look right. I don’t think he’d be dumb enough to tarnish his legacy by doing that. I get the feeling he’d rather retire than be anything but a Yankee.

        • $1529282 5 years ago

          Jeter loves the Yankees, sure, but if they for some reason weren’t going to offer him a contract at all, I highly doubt he wouldn’t go somewhere else.

          He may love the Yankees, but he also loves playing and loves winning. He’s got plenty left in the tank; he’d play elsewhere.

  4. Suzysman 5 years ago

    “guesses that Corey Hart’s reps successfully compared their client to Jeff Francoeur”

    Jeff Francoeur. No longer just a horrific hitter – now he’s screwing up arbitration figures for mediocre players.

  5. coachofall 5 years ago

    Werth needs the Phils far more than the Phils need Werth.

    • $1529282 5 years ago

      This statement makes zero sense.

    • Taskmaster75 5 years ago

      I’d like to hear an explanation on this. Ibanez is not going to be on fire out of the gate as he was last year. Who do they have to replace him now? Michael Taylor is gone.

  6. IndianaBob 5 years ago

    ??? Werth is a great player. Teams will be standing in line to give a multi-year contract to him despite his age of 30. He is very athletic, plays good defense, and is a great hitter.

  7. proof2006 5 years ago

    why’s that?

  8. Muggi 5 years ago

    Heh the David Murphy link goes to David Murphy (the player) at b-r.com….not the Daily news article.

  9. AmericanMovieFan 5 years ago

    Werth is exactly what the Phillies want- a guy who should only sign a 3 year deal anyway. The Phillies love those 3 year deals, so just do it already. As soon as that last check for this year’s $10MM comes, just put ink to paper for that extension. Only question is; will it be 3years/$30MM or 3 years/$45MM? I’m guessing 3 years/$34.5MM or something like that.

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      I’d like it, and I think a lot of it will come down to the progress of Domonic Brown. If he’s moving up steadily this season and looks ready, they let Werth walk. If not, they may try to sign Werth to a back-loaded deal mid-season…since they’re already on the books for over $132m in 2011.

      I think the Phils are banking on two of Brown, Gose or Gillies being ready by 2012 (when Ibanez comes off the books). Brown probably will be, but the other two are still quite a ways off. It’s a gamble.

      If Werth has another strong year, I’m betting he’ll want just under Jason Bay money.

    • Jason Bay’s contract comes to mind.

  10. Guest 5 years ago

    Bartolo, I don’t think many teams want to have a pitcher sport a 6.00 ERA.

    • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

      and then disappear half way through the season

    • JasonHeywardIsGod 5 years ago

      Well he had a 4.19 era last year so idk where this 6.00 ERA comes from

  11. InTheKZone 5 years ago

    Ben, clicking on David Murphy leads to the player’s stats on Baseball Reference.

  12. vtadave 5 years ago

    Good thing Vazquez made this announcement. I think we were all wondering.

  13. rayking 5 years ago

    I would rather give Colon a few starts than give Russ Ortiz a few starts. Some team should give Colon an invite to spring training. Then again, Colon did flake out on the BoSox, disappearing to the DR mid-season, so that may be weighing against him.

  14. phillies2412 5 years ago

    link to philly.com

    That’s the link to the David Murphy article.

  15. danks50 5 years ago

    Bartolo Colon wants to start? Hahaha hilarious, the guy will pitch 1/3 of the season and vanish to be seen again.

  16. slogar1 5 years ago

    ESPN.com’s Keith Law says Tim Lincecum left “a lot of money on the table”

    Team and player reach an agreeable compromise. Too bad a writer has to add his stinking opinion in order to sell more subscriptions to Insider.

  17. Guest 5 years ago

    I can’t find the AD for Fox Sports, that had Colon running as fast as he possibly could dressed as a concession worker.. I am very sad now.

  18. Just a couple of thoughts about what y’all are saying. Werth is DEFINITELY going to cash in big-time if he has another season like he had last year. He hasn’t been a great player since his early 20’s, but I think if he continues to do what he’s done since becoming a starter with the Phillies, that will be proof enough for teams next winter that he’s an established star. Not only does Werth offer exceptional power, but he runs the bases well, can steal bases, gets on base very well, and is a plus defender in the outfield as well. I could easily see him getting Jason Bay money, or more.

    And I’m really surprised that nobody has signed Felipe Lopez yet, especially now that he should be able to be signed for cheap. He’s better (and younger) than the overrated Orlando Hudson, and will probably get around 2 or 3 million to sign–about half of what Hudson got. I think he makes sense for the Cubs (he’s better than Fontenot or Jeff Baker), or the Dodgers (better than DeWitt/Carroll/Belliard), as far as contending teams go.

    • Wow the Carroll signing looks worse and more of a head-scratcher by the day.
      Ned jumped all over that one!
      Yes sir, he was Johnny On The Spot alright!
      Umm, I think they’re still 100 SP innings shy of a combination plate.
      Eric Stults, we’re gonna see too much of you.

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