Adrian Gonzalez Will Ask For A Massive Contract

The agent for Adrian Gonzalez told Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune that he sees Mark Teixeira as a fair comparable for his client. John Boggs, who represents Gonzalez, told Padres GM Jed Hoyer the same thing and that basically ended their conversation.

Teixeira signed a $180MM deal with the Yankees last offseason as a 28-year-old. Gonzalez won't be a free agent until after the 2011 season if the Padres pick up his $5.6MM option, but his agent is thinking big already.

“You always shoot high and adjust to the marketplace,” Boggs said of Gonzalez, who will presumably be 29 by the time he hits the market.

Jon Heyman of hears that while Gonzalez is seeking Teixeira money, the Padres believe a five-year $90MM deal would be more appropriate (Twitter link).

Padres CEO Jeff Moorad said last month that the Padres have doubts that they can keep their first baseman long-term. Gonzalez recently said he expects to be paid what he deserves on his next contract. That doesn't mean the Padres won't extend him, but a deal seems unlikely given that Gonzalez would be a tremendously attractive commodity on the trade market.

The Dodgers, Mariners, Mets, White Sox and Red Sox are among the teams that have been connected to Gonzalez in recent months.