Offseason In Review: Kansas City Royals

Next up in our Offseason In Review series, the Royals.

Major League Signings

  • Noel Arguelles, SP:  five years, $6.9MM.
  • Jason Kendall, C: two years, $6MM.
  • Rick Ankiel, OF: one year, $3.25MM.  Includes $6MM mutual option for '11 with a $500K buyout.
  • Scott Podsednik, OF: one year, $1.75MM.  Includes $2MM club option for '11 with a $100K buyout; player may void option with 525 PAs.
  • Brian Anderson, OF: one year, $700K.
  • Total spend: $18.6MM ($11.7MM not including Arguelles).

Notable Minor League Signings

Trades and Claims

Notable Losses

The signing of Cuban lefty Arguelles was the signature move of the Royals' offseason.  GM Dayton Moore added a prospect who would've been no worse than a top ten draft pick in 2009, according to ESPN's Keith Law, and he did so by simply making the highest bid.  Law ranks the Royals' farm system as ninth in baseball and rising.  

I also liked the $5.7MM spend on outfielders Ankiel, Podsednik, and Anderson.  There's a little bit of upside and not much risk.  Same goes for Moore's many minor league signings.  I was also a fan of the Teahen trade, where Moore swapped a non-tender candidate for two useful pieces.

The Kendall deal is a blemish on a solid offseason, as the Royals could've gotten a similar veteran backstop for less.  It's easy to say Brayan Pena deserved a better look, though maybe the Royals' scouts think Kendall will have the biggest effect on the pitching staff.  The other question mark, which we haven't heard much about, is the loss of prospect Juan Abreu to the Braves.  The righty throws a mid-90s sinker and a decent curveball, and Baseball America says the Royals "reached a deal to re-sign him as a minor league free agent after the season, but a contract snafu allowed him to hit the open market."

Despite Kendall and Abreu, Moore did a nice job overall this winter by focusing on the long-term health of the organization rather than veteran respectability for 2010.

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