How Will Angels Replace Morales?

4:28pm: The Boston Globe's Peter Abraham wonders (via Twitter) if Mike Lowell will be traded to the Angels in light of Morales' injury. He notes that the Red Sox would likely have to eat a large portion of Lowell's salary.

2:16pm: ESPN's Mark Saxon tweets that the Angels are saying Morales' injury is not season ending, though he doesn't provide a timetable for the slugger's return. As Saxon points out in another tweet, Mike Napoli will start at first base today for the first time since his minor league days.

10:57am: Following one of the more unusual injuries in recent years, the Angels now face the problem of how to replace their most productive hitter. Kendry Morales, who was hitting .290/.346/.487 with 11 homers, fractured his leg while celebrating a walk-off grand slam last night, and could miss the rest of the season.

Robb Quinlan and Mark Trumbo are in-house candidates to step in for Morales, but the defending AL West champs will likely consider acquiring an impact player to boost an offense that, even with Morales, has hit just .248. After all, despite playing sub-.500 ball so far, they're very much in contention, sitting only 3.5 games out of first place.

Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times writes that the Angels have plenty of options when it comes to finding a new first baseman. He suggests that Paul Konerko and Lance Berkman are the two most attractive and realistic trade targets for the Angels, though he acknowledges that the club won't have much leverage, given their desperate need for a middle-of-the-order bat. The Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales agrees that Konerko could be a fit for the Angels, noting that the White Sox first baseman has a relationship with Mike Scioscia that dates back to their days with the Dodgers.

DiGiovanna names a handful of other possible targets for the Angels, including Adam Dunn, Adam LaRoche, Russell Branyan, and Prince Fielder. Obviously, some of those sluggers are less available than others. Jermaine Dye, Ryan Garko, and Carlos Delgado (when he's healthy) are a few more available, low-cost options the team could look at, according to DiGiovanna.

Even if the Angels decide to make a move, it may not happen for a month or two, coming closer to the trade deadline. However, in the wake of Morales' injury, it's safe to put them near the top of the list of teams who will be shopping for a power hitter this summer.

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  1. rainyperez 5 years ago

    One of the most promising young players of the game goes out, what I think might be one of the most questionable things to do in a regular season game (especially early in the season), by walkoff celebration. Even though it is terrible for the Angels, I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the ridiculousness of the injury and it definitely ranks up there with some of the other freak injuries of Baseball’s past. I really hope they find someone to sustain his production.

    • Jason_F 5 years ago

      It is 162 game grind for 6 months. Don’t you think it is necessary to find things to get excited about throughout the long season? A walkoff homerun, not to mention grand slam, is one of the most exciting events in all of sports. To suggest that is questionable to celebrate such an event is the epitome of hindsight being 20/20. What is your reaction when your hometown team hits a walkoff homerun? I highly doubt that the first thing to cross your mind is, “man, they better not celebrate too hard or someone’s going to get hurt.” Imagine being the guy that hit it? They’ve dreamt of those moments since they were kids.

      Also, chuckling at a situation where a guy just broke his leg? Wow…

      • Infield Fly 5 years ago

        I think what Rainy’ is trying to say is that it is pretty absurd the way Morales’ injury came about…and that is the part that warrants a laugh. After all, ballplayers are well known for injuring themselves in outlandish ways (especially off the field) despite being extremely fit.

        • Jason_F 5 years ago

          Obviously, I’m not blind to the irony of the situation. However, my main point is that athletes in general play with intense emotion and to expect them to temper their reaction to one of the most emotional events in sports is ridiculous. It was a freak accident that could’ve happened to anyone.

          • rainyperez 5 years ago

            Also another thing to think about walk off celebrations is, how do you think the Angels organization feels losing one of their most prominent offensive players to a walk off celebration early in the season?

        • rainyperez 5 years ago

          You have to think that when teams are signing superstar players there’s going to be a clause that says, ” No jumping onto home plate for fear of injury might occur.” Of course I’m absolutely just kidding, but I’m glad you see that baseball players have the worst history of “In what absurd way can I get injured today” syndrome. One of my favorites is the sneezing and straining your oblique injury I am just perplexed why it only happens to baseball players.

      • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

        You know very well that nobody is laughing out of spite for Morales or enjoyment of the fact of an injury; it’s just a comical situation. Getting all uppity about the guy chuckling is obnoxious.

        • Jason_F 5 years ago

          You’re absolutely right…I take back the last part.

      • rainyperez 5 years ago

        I didn’t laugh at the guy Jason, you should read my comment again. I laughed at the ridiculous nature of how the injury occurred. I mean you break your leg by celebrating a walk off grand slam!? You mean to tell me you don’t find that ridiculous?About the walk-off celebrations, I knew the day would come when someone would get hurt like this. You’re jumping on home plate into a crowd of people, you have to adjust yourself to the landing because of 24 guys on the field. The fact that it happened to a potential superstar player just was unfortunate. Walkoff homerun celebrations were not a staple of MLB REGULAR season games throughout history it was only until just recently. The drama of a walkoff celebration is cool and all, but I can do without it in my opinion.

        • Jason_F 5 years ago

          “I knew the day would come when someone would get hurt like this.”

          I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe this.

          • rainyperez 5 years ago

            You don’t have to believe that, but that’s what I really believed. Jumping into a crowd of 24 people and adjusting your landing to the plate AND then jumping up down with your teammates could spell injury for baseball players. Because like infieldfly said these types of things happen to baseball players all the time. I mean if you can tear your ACL arguing with an umpire or break a bone while slipping in a bathtub then I can believe any injury prone thing I want especially when it comes to Baseball’s freak injury past.

          • Jason_F 5 years ago

            Might as well have players play the game and go straight to their hyperbaric chambers until the next game starts, so as to reduce the chance of injury.

            You are actually supporting my point here by comparing this injury to other freak injuries such as slipping in the bathtub. A freak injury is something that could happen anytime doing anything and isn’t necessarily a result of negligence on the part of the injured party. Morales’ injury was just that: a freaky occurrence. It could’ve happened rounding first base or any number of other ways.

          • rainyperez 5 years ago

            Never said they couldn’t do walkoff celebrations, I said that I wouldn’t mind if they stopped. But what I was pointing out was, that walk celebrations in Regular season games just became recently huge for some odd reason. If you look articles and forums pertaining to this incident most people have agreed that these celebrations are a little tired and some others have agreed that this was bound to happen. Mike Socia manager of the Angels was quoted saying, “It’ll change the way we celebrate. It sure was exciting, but you always wonder if it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

      • Msforever 5 years ago

        I seem to remember lots of Angels fans chuckling at Ken Griffey Jr.’s expense and saying a lot of disrespectful things about arguably one of the top 5 baseball players of all time over rumors (not factually proven) that he was sleeping in the clubhouse. I realize that Angels haven’t had a player of Griffey’s calibur since….. Um…. since… Oh that’s right, you’ve never had a player play for your team of Griffey’s calibur. So I guess I don’t expect you to understand.
        Oh yeah. And to address the point of chuckling at his injury; I can think of one person who doesn’t think its funny: Martin Gramatica.

        • Jason_F 5 years ago

          1) It is incredibly easy to argue that Ken Griffey Jr is NOT one of the top 5 players of all time. He’s actually not even close.
          2) The two situations are not comparable in the slightest.
          3) I’m a Giants fan and we’ve had quite a few players that had better careers than Griffey Jr.

          • Msforever 5 years ago

            Not even close? Hahahah. Nice. So you’re gonna argue for Bonds and his dirty needles. I could see an argument for Mays and that’s it. Griffey has 600 plus career home runs and he did it cleanly. If he would have cheated like Bonds he would have broke 800 career home runs easy. I’m sure you’re a Barry Bonds lover. You say not to laugh at Morales’ injury and yet you support cheating. Get off your high horse homie.

          • Jason_F 5 years ago

            Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Honus Wagner, Albert Pujols (even if he all of a sudden became an average player for the rest of his career a la Griffey Jr.), Stan Musial, Rogers Hornsby, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio. I could go on and on, but all of these players had better careers than Griffey Jr. Notice that I didn’t even mention any Giants yet. You want me to mention Giants not named Bonds? How about Willie Mays, Mel Ott and Willie McCovey? I don’t even need Bonds, but just because I’m a Giants fan, I support cheating? Keep in mind that the steroid era ran rampant throughout all of baseball, not just SF. Your rants make zero sense.

            Oh, and we are, most definitely, not homies.

          • Msforever 5 years ago

            First off I give much respect to Mays because he’s arguably the best to play the game, even though you give no respect to Griffey. I’m a true baseball fan and can respect true greatness. However, Mel Ott and McCovey don’t come close. The first five you mention were some of the best of the best. Look at the numbers and Griffey’s are not just comparable but better than many of those players you mentioned. Oh yeah and he deserves even more respect for doing it clean in an era of steroid users (Bonds). And sorry dude, for as great as Pujols is right now, he hasn’t done what griffey has done yet and also isn’t a five tool player like griffey was in his prime. You look at all those names you mentioned and very few are actually five tool players which is why Griffey’s name is up there. Your incoherent rants are those of a true homer who knows nothing about the rest of baseball. I do agree with you though. We aren’t homies.

          • Jason_F 5 years ago

            Career OPS+ (so as to compare different eras to one another):

            Ruth 207
            Williams 190
            Gehrig 179
            Wagner 150
            Mantle 172
            Ott 155
            McCovey 147

            Pujols (first 10 years of career) 171
            Griffey (first 10 years of career) 150

            Take off your rose-colored glasses and you’ll see that your man crush had a good first half of his career. To be compared with the greats of all time, you must do it over the long haul. The second half of the kid’s career was spent either hurt or mediocre. And I never once disrespected Jr. All I said is that is he isn’t close to top 5 all time, which is an easily defensible statement.

            So, are you ready for Griffey Jr’s career OPS+? Drum roll, please….135. That is good for a tie for 106th place all time. No amount of stellar defense, once again only in the first 10 years of his career, will vault him up the charts anywhere near the top 5. It really is quite ironic that you’re the one calling me a homer.

            How on earth could you glean from two posts how much I know about “the rest of baseball?” I assure you that I know plenty, but I definitely don’t feel the need to prove it to you.

          • Msforever 5 years ago

            Uh huh. So you’re basing it off one stat. Ok. Here’s ONE stat for you. 630 career home runs. That’s TOP FIVE all time despite the fact that he was hurt for the majority of seven seasons as you pointed out (an issue that wouldn’t have occurred had he juiced up). I’m sure as a Giant fan you know who’s ahead of him in that regard. Some guy named Bonds who still has track marks on his ass. Bonds was a cheater who played just long enough on the roids so that he could break the HR record by cheating. You throw Bonds and his roid homers out and Junior is TOP FOUR ALL Time and only 30 away from your man crush Mays. And Griffey only played great defense for the first 10 years of his career? So at age 29 his defense was horrible? And I like how you downplay defensive ability (One of the reasons why Mays was one of the best to do it). “To be compared with the greats of all time, you must do it over the long haul”. Exactly my point. Pujols needs to continue to do it over the long haul. Question. Better major league baseball player? Bonds or Griffey?

          • bobraines 5 years ago

            giants’ fan? My condolences.

      • johnsilver 5 years ago

        Dave henderson tore up his knee really bad in .86 ALCS doing the same thing. it’s not funny, but those “jump for joy” at hitting a game winning home run, with games to be played hurt when those guys are missing, or playing at well less than 100% for the rest of the season and am pretty sure it’s all that rainyperez meant. Those “leaps of joy” like that are just foolish and have caused far to many nonsense injuries over the years.

        This one here could flat out mean the difference in Anaheim having a chance to win what looks like a pathetic AL West division right now, unless they find themselves a decent bat to get some production out of that looks like isn’t coming from within the organization.

    • jgmaynard 5 years ago

      It still doesn’t beat when John Smoltz injured himself by ironing a shirt that he was wearing at the time… :O)

      • rainyperez 5 years ago

        Lol or Chris Ianetta carrying deer meat and injuring himself!? Or Jeff Kent getting hurt washing his car and it made lose 6 weeks of ball, but he still came out MVP of the NL.

  2. How about Kila Ku’aihue? He might be cheaper than some of those other names since he’s solidly blocked by Billy Butler in KC. He actually reminds me a bit of Kendry Morales at times.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      He’s not that good, and he’s more blocked by Dayton Moore than Butler, but that’s a pretty good suggestion.

  3. qudjy1 5 years ago

    Laroche could be had. AZ needs to start over. I wonder what LAA would offer

  4. RedSox2219 5 years ago

    Mike Lowell…

    • ELPinchy 5 years ago

      Yesh,maybe if they give him to LAA and pay everything. The other teams know the Redsox are sort of desperate to resolve the Lowell situation.

  5. drumzalicious 5 years ago

    I thought Berkman has some sort of injury making him a liability in the field

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      He’s had chronic knee problems the last several seasons. A move to the DH league may prolong his career-the Angels wouldn’t have to put him in the field every day to use his bat. Also, bonus points for being a switch hitter, and one for being an all around class act. You don’t want Berkman,or the Astros won’t trade him, you might want to see if the Cubs will let loose of Derrek Lee. His contract runs out at the end of the season-he’d only have to be a 2/3 season rental. A fine first baseman too.

  6. NYBravosFan10 5 years ago

    I’m really bored so I’ll go through each guy mentioned lol
    Paul Konerko-White Sox captain and it’s too early to count them out. But if they did get
    rid of him I would immediately count them out.
    Lance Berkman-The Astros “powers that be” are idiots and refuse to believe their seasons
    futility and will most likely not trade him, just like Roy Oswalt.
    Adam Laroche-Probably the most likely. He’s got a manageable contract as well as
    severely underrated talent.
    Russell Branyan-Probably not the talent that the Angels are looking for. The Angels
    should not want to just settle for someone in replacing their star player.
    Prince Fielder-Same deal with Konerko. The Brew Crew isn’t out of yet and getting rid of
    him would be suicide.
    Jermaine Dye and Carlos Delgado-Alot like Branyan in that it would be settling but even
    worse because these guys are aging and haven’t
    played in a while.
    Ryan Garko-Not even close to the talent that the Angels would need.

    Now you might say that the Angels will wait until teams like the Brewers or White Sox are out of contention but I would think that waiting that long for a replacement for your best player would dig you in a hole that you’d have to commit a miracle to get out of. Especially with the Rangers in the same division and playing like they have been.
    Adam Dunn-Not inconceivable because the Nats would love more prospects but it
    sounds like the Nats really like him.

  7. The Cubs should trade DLee and Aramis to the Angels for Morales and perhaps Wood. They could even pay some salary. Of course they’re not ready to give up on the season and deal the middle of their lineup but chances are they’re not a playoff team this year so why not free up salary and fill a whole in the lineup for next year? Without Morales the Angels don’t have the offense needed to reach the playoffs, DLee and Aramis would definitely fix that. Obviously the Angels are going to have payroll concerns so this isn’t going to happen but it could help both teams going forward, in a vacuum.

    • rainyperez 5 years ago

      Wow not sure if you’re serious about this trade, but in no way would the Angels would want two veterans over 30 with weak OPSs. Morales is one of the most promising MLB players in the game and Angels are not going to trade him away.

    • qudjy1 5 years ago

      I dont think LAA would want any part of those two players. Even if CHC was paying all of thier salary, they wouldnt give up young talent like Wood and Morales (hurt or not)

    • chaifetz10 5 years ago

      Other than this deal not making sense for the Angles franchise (it’s not just this year but long term too they have to think about), teams cannot trade players on the DL. Maybe if the Cubs offered a package of Castro, Soto, and Vitters the Angels may think about trading Morales (once healthy of course)

  8. dascual 5 years ago

    How about Overbay? I know he isn’t hitting the greatest right now. However he does have a track record is good a doubles hitter and is one of the most under rated defensive 1B in the game. A change of scenery might just be the thing, it would also cost less and open the door for Wallace with the Jays.

    • qudjy1 5 years ago

      OVerbay is probably an option – although im not sure why he would be desired over Laroche. Maybe his asking price might be lower given salary.

  9. qudjy1 5 years ago

    Crazy idea… How about Mark Reynolds? AZ would want young pitching in return, and to be honest, i dont know who in the LAA system would be desired by AZ.

    • You can rule out Reynolds, he is a vital part of the D’Back future. I like Wigginton and Scott as possible alternatives, LaRoche could definately be had, but there’s not much else.

      • qudjy1 5 years ago

        I dont think he is that vital. AZ would/should listen to offers to reuild.

  10. bustercherrie 5 years ago

    I just traded for Morales yesterday, I agreed to the trade in my fantasy league a couple hours before he got hurt.. damn.


  12. bjsguess 5 years ago

    Devastating loss to the team. Morales’ value to the Angels is huge. Especially considering they don’t have legitimate options on the farm for replacement. Trumbo might work but he still needs more time at AAA. Bring him up now and you are looking at a guy who could K 40% of the time. Ouch.The Angels also don’t have the luxury of waiting until the trade deadline. They cannot lose ANY more ground. The starting pitching has finally come around. The team needs the offense to start clicking.Here’s my gameplan … I reach out to Chicago (both teams), the Nats, D-Backs and Astros and check the availability of their respective players NOW. If they can be acquired for salary relief and little else then you make a deal. If a deal is going to be too costly I immediately look at Dye. See if you can get him on a $3m deal. Dye can either DH, play the OF or play 1B. That would allow you rotate Matsui, Rivera, Dye, and Abreu through the DH and corner OF slots. Another alternative would be to maybe work with Napoli as well and see if he could handle 1st base. That would leave catching up to Mathis and Wilson (once Mathis is back). Great way to keep Napoli’s bat in the lineup. Unfortunately, it would force the team to play Mathis a lot.This deal is tricky because you want an impact bat at 1st base but don’t want someone who will be with the team beyond the 2010 season. That rules out going after a Fielder or Gonzalez type player. The team needs to focus on one year rentals and that’s it. Also, they cannot give up anyone of value as this team is not looking great for the post-season as is. It would be awful to take on extra salary + give up top prospects and not reach the post-season.

    • rainyperez 5 years ago

      Yeah it definitely rules out Gonzalez because of the way San Diego is playing they are not giving him up anytime soon. But I agree, finding a bat to replace an important offensive piece for the Angels is going to be quite difficult. Fielder would be an interesting option but you’re going to have to give up the farm plus at least major league ready starter(s).

    • “Unfortunately, it would force the team to play Mathis a lot.”

      Mathis was on fire before he landed on the DL which is why Napoli was not getting any at-bats. So having Mathis in the line-up would not be bad at all.

      • bjsguess 5 years ago

        Mathis is also a career 200 hitter that has shown nothing more than the ability to be a back-up catcher. To expect him to continue hitting like he was is just overly optimistic. Sure, I would love for him to continue to hit like he was but that is not anything that I would count on.

  13. aap212 5 years ago

    Trumbo isn’t the answer, especially not right now. If you can’t light up Salt Lake City, you’re not ready.

  14. How about the Angels throw in the towel and do a little rebuild? Wood is 25 and isnt impressing anyone with what hes done at the big league level, their bullpen is in a word: terrible, and the rotation could use an upgrade. They arent really that good a team, like even if they bring in Konerko or Berkman does anyone see this a playoff roster? I dont. Their best player went down, selling might be the smartest move they can make. Hunter & Abreu would certainly get their farm beefed up, and they really should pick one and trade either Mathis or Napoli as the catcher, as both are very good MLB hitters and a few teams are looking to upgrade at C.

    • bjsguess 5 years ago

      So many problems with this post …

      1. The rotation is just fine. Weaver, Santana, and Pineiro all have xFIP’s below or around 4. Not many teams have that. Kazmir is a mess but he has pitched much better of late. Saunders has also strung together 4 or 5 great starts (until today). Could they use an upgrade – sure. Is it a priority – not right now.

      2. One thing we do agree upon – their bullpen is a mess – no question about it. However, their bullpen was a mess through June of last year as well. Bulger and Jepsen then went on to have amazing 2nd halfs.

      3. Hunter will net them nothing. Any deal with Hunter will require the Angels to PAY a portion of the freight. What team would want a guy with so many years and so many dollars? The only advantage is clearing payroll. Abreu is a similar situation. Although the Angels may not need to eat anything they will not get players of value in return. The one outfielder that could get them something is Rivera but even he isn’t hitting anywhere close to what he is capable.

      4. Mathis is not a good major league hitter. His highest wOBA before this year was 273. He may call a good game but his defense in terms of passed balls/errors/throwing out runners is nothing to get excited about. I DO agree that one of the two will need to be traded. But that is because they have Conger who might be ready next year. Napoli would obviously net the higher return but I would much rather keep him. Next year he can split time with Conger behind the plate and then DH.

  15. Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

    I think a Carlos Pena trade makes perfect sense. The Rays have Dan Johnson in the minors just tearing it up (.318/.399/.643). Pena’s been struggling a bit and is in his walk year so he’ll be cheaper than normal for the Angels who can plug him in until the end of the year.

    Question is, who do the Angels give up? I don’t see anyone on the major league that’s worth a whole lot that the Angels would be willing to trade, so it’ll have to be prospects.

    • chaifetz10 5 years ago

      Dan Johnson isn’t exactly a big name or big bat to replace Pena. Plus, why would the Rays trade Pena since they’re looking to be playoff bound?

      If the Angels gave up player who would improve the Rays team this year, maybe they’ed trade Pena, but it’s not like a couple of lower end prospects will get it done.

  16. baseball1 5 years ago

    How about Luke Scott. When he is hot, he can carry a team. Maybe someone like Brandon wood (not sure his worth now after this season)

  17. ArmchairGM 5 years ago

    Not sure why people were so vehemently down on the idea of Mike Lowell, he can be had for essentially salary relief, I don’t think the Red Sox are looking to acquire anything really, and a lot of the names being thrown around are a little absurd, frankly. The Angels need a stopgap for the rest of the year who will play pretty good and not hurt the club, Morales is eventually coming back, they don’t need Prince Fielder, or to make a trade for Berkman or something like that.

    Granted, Lowell has not seen that much playing time this year, though when he has he has hit pretty much on par with the rest of his career (his BABIP is down about 50 points from his career average, implying he’s been a bit unlucky, though when that eventually corrects itself his average go back up). He did only have 2 appearances at 1st for Boston this year so far, but he has looked like an average first baseman, he’s nowhere near the butcher of Adam Dunn though he is no Gonzalez with the glove).

    Frankly given the Angel’s performance thus far they should not be trading away prospects for anyone, and for a guy you can get for just cash, Lowell would be a good presence and pretty good production, presumably.

    I’m not saying it’s the ideal solution, but I don’t see why everyone is so down on the idea.

  18. Mickeyblue 5 years ago

    Angels should try to kill two birds w/ one stone and get a real Ace in Oswalt and Berkman to make up the loss for Morales. I don’t know if they have the prospects for both but that would be the best solution for them.

    • bjsguess 5 years ago

      No prospects needed. You would be relieving the Astros of:

      Oswalt – 2010 – $15m / 2011 – $16m / 2012 – $16m club option + $2m buyout (total commitment either 2 years $33m or 3 years $47m)

      Berkman – 2010 – $15m / 2011 – $15m club option + $2m buyout

      On the low end the Astros clear $50m for 3 years of service between Oswalt and Berkman. Considering that Berkman has been hurt and is posting an OPS below 800 he’s got major negative equity. Oswalt is probably a break even proposition – maybe they get back some B level prospects. Between the two the net for Houston is pure salary relief. I just don’t see the Angels taking on over $30m in new salary commitments for 2010 regardless of how much they need the help.

      • Exactly, fiscally the Angels simply cannot take an extra 30 million on. They are pretty much at their max as far as payroll goes, and while they do have 25 million coming off the books, they have way too many arb players, which will cut the free money down to 10-15 million, with specific holes in the bullpen with the exodus of Shields and Fuentes.

        This isn’t a bad thing though, next season’s FA reliever class is stellar, I fully expect the Angels to go all in for Rafael Soriano to close down games with the already formidable Rodney/Jepson combo. And they’ll probably promote that young stud Michael Kohn to handle the earlier innings with Bulger.

  19. Threat_Level_RedSox 5 years ago

    Their’s Always Milton “battleship” Bradley.

  20. Anthony Emmerling 5 years ago

    I noticed a lot of people dont think a Prince Fielder trade is even an option but here are some reasons I think a Prince Fielder trade could be fairly likely:

    True we would have to give up a good package of prospects for him but this would be the best year to do it because the Angels have the 18th, 29th, 30th, 37th and 40th draft picks overall so they would also be replenishing the system.

    One cannot argue that Fielder is probably one of the best players in the game.

    He is from Ontario, California…very close to Anaheim, thus increasing our chances of getting an extension, which is possible for the Angels to do because they still have a bit of money left over from the losses of Guerrero, Figgins, Oliver and Lackey. Not to mention the possible money coming off the books the next two years from Matthews Jr, Matsui, Abreu, Fuentes, Kazmir (Option for 2012), Pineiro and many many more players. Indeed many of them are vital pieces to the organization, but the flexibility is there nonetheless.

    Signing an extension even with Kendry still around doesnt mean anything. If Wood continues to struggle there is the possibility of moving one of the two to third as well as platooning the two between first and DH with Matsui’s contract ending this season.

    True Fielder is represented by Boras, but what type of market will be available for Fielder if he becomes a free agent. The Yankees, Phillies and Tigers are locked up long term at first base and Red Sox will likely pursue Albert Pujols. Fielder may end up like Jason Bay and have to sign for less than desired if he tests Free Agency

    My last reason is Tony Reagins. As a GM he so far has a fairly good record of acquiring good pieces. He signed Torii Hunter, acquired Mark Teixiera for a fairly low cost and also got Scott Kazmir. He has not been afraid to pull the trigger to acquire high calibur talent.

    Actually I have one more thing to say. Morales+Fielder=Epic 😀

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      What makes you think that either Kendry or Prince would be able to handle a switch to 3B? Fielder doesn’t even have good defense at first and I’m pretty sure that Morales never played on the other side of the diamond.

      There is absolutely no way that the Red Sox or any other team besides the Cardinals gets a chance to sign Pujols. I’d bet my right arm that he stays with the Cardinals. The Sox are more likely to pursue Adrian Gonzalez when he becomes a FA, and if they can’t get him, Fielder would most likely be their next choice. (Assuming they’re in the market for a 1B)

      • The Angels value infield defense far too much to let Kendry to and go back to 3B. He played there in the minors but nothing suggests he still could. The Angels won’t be in the Prince Fielder race. True, they have money coming of the books, but they also have a lot of players headed for arbitration, leaving them with only 10-15 million left to spend next offseason and a need for 2 relievers.

        You can bet Napoli will be the DH and backup catcher next year, and you’ll also see Abreu, Rivera and Hunter see some DH time. There’s simply no room for multi year options without dealing players, which the Angels generally don’t do.

        Dunn and Berkman are pretty much where their options end, and they don’t have leverage. On top if which, the Angels have capable fill ins. The media is really making something out of nothing here.

        • Anthony Emmerling 5 years ago

          I dont think Dunn and Berkman are going anywhere. The Nats can afford Dunn and with their up and coming team why would they deal him. Berkman is too much money for too little value. But I wouldnt put it past the angels to get another aging player 😛

      • Anthony Emmerling 5 years ago

        Im just saying a Prince Fielder trade is more likely than people think, not saying its definately going to happen or even the most likely to happen. In my eyes the Brewers have to be looking at the Ryan Howard signing and thinking to themselves that they cannot afford Fielder long term. They could get the most value out of him by shipping him this season than they would shipping him for a half season rental next year. You also have to think that they are probably also looking at the way the Roy Halladay situation was handled in Toronto and realize that the longer they wait the less they are going to get in return.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      Much more likely that Kendry is moved to LF than 1B.

      • Anthony Emmerling 5 years ago

        That is true he has played some LF. Move Rivera over to right and DH abreu… could be on to something….

  21. Msforever 5 years ago

    Angels should replace Morales with Brandon Wood. I heard he was supposed to hit “30-35 bombs.”

    • The M’s should just give up. Figgins is totally worth 9 million a year huh? And Kotchman as a middle of the order bat is a gigantic failure. How’s Milton Bradley working out for you? Having a great 1-2 punch is great for the playoffs, but how are you going to get there? Your GM is an idiot and if your coach was really that capable, the Angels would have never let him out of their system.

      • Msforever 5 years ago

        Oh I thought we were talking about the angels. Figgins, Kotchman, and Bradley are giving us more now than what Morales is now giving you guys. Hahahaha. And let’s talk in a few weeks. We’ll see how the Angels are doing then.

      • Msforever 5 years ago

        Wow sounds like sour grapes to me that your superstar snapped his leg celebrating a walk off home run. I’m not going to sit here and split hairs over which underachieving team is worse or will end up in a worse position as both teams have underachieved. How’s Scott Kazmir doing for ya? How is Joel Pineiro doing for ya (he’s totally worth 8 million right?). Is Brandon Wood dominating and hitting his 30-35 bombs all you angel fans were predicting and doing better than what Figgins did for you last year? See, I can do it too. And we have the stupid GM? Martin Gramatica is laughing at you.

  22. The Angels are in good shape here, this won’t cripple the team. Mike Napoli is a fine fill in, if he plays 160 games he might hit 40 HR’s, not bad for a backup C/1B/DH. Michael Ryan and Kevin Frandsen have both played 1B capably and can hit. Superstars, they are not, capable fill in, they most definitely are. Brandon Wood and Howie Kendrick both have experience at 1B as well. Down on the farm, they have a youngster named Mark Trumbo who is slugging in AAA. He can eventually be a Mike Napoli type of hitter.

    As far as trades go, the Angels won’t bother with useless trades for the likes of Branyon or anyone like him. Their offense is fine. If there is a trade, I anticipate it being a Veteran who won’t be there past this year and can either be benched or used in a different position once Kendry is healed in September. It’s either going to be Lance Berkman, Adam Dunn or nothing at all.

    The Angels are only 2.5 GB despite their early struggles. I’d be shocked if the Angels don’t win the West by at least 5 games again. No team has come within 10 games of them in a few years. The A’s have no offense, the Rangers have their holes and are young and badly coached and the Mariners are over rated, which is difficult for a sub .500 team.

  23. Guest 5 years ago

    How about Daniel Murphy of the Mets as a stopgap?

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