Rangers Inquire On Roy Oswalt?

Rangers President Nolan Ryan called to inquire on Roy Oswalt, reports Mark Berman of FOX 26 Sports.  Yesterday, however, MLB.com's T.R. Sullivan wrote that the Rangers are not going to get involved in Oswalt trade talks, as it's unlikely they could even take on a fraction of his contract.  Plus, Sullivan learned from GM Jon Daniels that adding starting pitching is not a high priority.  Also yesterday, ESPN's Tony Jackson said the Astros are not looking to trade Oswalt at this point.

Buster Olney wondered today if the Rangers could take on a less-expensive player like Cliff Lee.  Olney's example: if the Rangers convinced the Mariners to take Rich Harden and his contract, they could offer better prospects for Lee.  We've seen the Dodgers make payroll-neutral trades in recent years, even giving up Carlos Santana and Jon Meloan for Casey Blake in 2008. 

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