Roy Oswalt Open To Trade

Pitcher Roy Oswalt says he's open to being traded if it helps the Astros rebuild.  Oswalt spoke candidly on the matter in an interview with Rob Dibble and Jim Memolo on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM.

"When you get to a point where you need to start rebuilding they're going to start with a guy that's got a lot of value and I understand that if I'm throwing well that they maybe can get two or three guys that can fill holes that they need.  I told them from the very beginning when they get to that point I would be open to [being traded]."

The 32-year-old righty explained that if traded, he would want to go to a  "true contender".  Oswalt's deal, which calls for him to earn a combined $31MM in this season and next, has a full no-trade clause.

Jayson Stark of ESPN recently reported that a friend of Oswalt believes the hurler's preferred destinations are Texas, St. Louis, and Atlanta, though it's hard to imagine any of those teams being a fit.  Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports believes that Oswalt might be the best starter available at this year's trade deadline.

When asked by Memolo how much longer he planned on pitching, Oswalt responded that he would assess his future in two years.  Oswalt's contract holds a $16MM club option for 2012 with a relatively meager $2MM buyout.

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