Zduriencik Looking For Offense

On Saturday, Jason Churchill of Prospect Insider looked at a bunch of potentially players who could help the Mariners' anemic offense.  Ms GM Jack Zduriencik talked to the AP about the situation yesterday:

"I've made a tremendous amount of phone calls. I continue to make phone calls. I've made several phone calls in the last three or four days.  But it's like hunting season. It's not hunting season right now. Nobody's selling."

White Sox GM Kenny Williams said something similar to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

"I don't think anyone is really prepared to make any deals.  And any interest expressed in any players out there who are impact guys has been done for quite some time. There really isn't much substance to anything at this stage of the season. Another 30 games, and you'll start to see talk pick up."

It's true that we shouldn't expect many big trades in May.  I'm not sure why the Orioles and Royals wouldn't be willing to sell, but maybe they'd prefer to let the market develop. 

The Mariners might be able to improve the offense by replacing Ken Griffey Jr.  His .527 OPS is among the worst in baseball, but he's only had 63 plate appearances.  Zduriencik says Griffey still has some time to find his way out of the slump:  "You wait and see. You hope he gets on track.  It's early.  If he continues [to struggle] we will have to have some discussions with that."

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