Free Agent Stock Watch: Shortstops

Operating under the safe assumption Derek Jeter re-signs with the Yankees, who's the best available free agent shortstop after the season?  As usual, it's an unimpressive group.  2011 age is in parentheses.

  • Orlando Cabrera (36) - He's got a $4MM mutual option with a buyout of $500K or $1MM depending on who declines.  Whether you're looking for offense or defense, Cabrera's numbers don't impress.
  • Adam Everett (34) – Everett still has defensive skills, but his bat deteriorated to the point that the Tigers recently designated him for assignment.
  • Alex Gonzalez (33) – He hit for good power in the season's first month, and might be doing enough to get his $2.5MM option picked up by the Blue Jays after the season.
  • Cesar Izturis (31) – He's a defense-first type, at least in reputation, and a big negative with the bat.
  • Edgar Renteria (35) – He's currently on the DL with a hamstring injury, but at least holds a .372 OBP for now.  The Giants are unlikely to exercise his $10.5MM option, making him a tolerable choice in a poor class.
  • Jose Reyes (28) – He's been lousy this season, but at least appears healthy.  The Mets would be hard-pressed to decline his $11MM option.
  • Juan Uribe (31) – Not the ideal defensive shortstop anymore, but he's hit well since returning to the NL last year.  Uribe might be the best stopgap shortstop available on the free agent market.
  • Felipe Lopez (31) – Like Uribe, he's a solid, versatile bat who can pass as a shortstop if needed.
  • Cristian Guzman, Nick Punto, and Miguel Tejada aren't playing shortstop this year, but could potentially be moved back for 2011 if a team is so inclined.

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