Angels Prefer To Avoid First Base Rental?

The Angels are still looking for offensive help, tweets ESPN's Jayson Stark, but one team he spoke to says they're not going to rent a first baseman for two months.  This runs counter to Ken Rosenthal's July 10th report that the Halos are "looking only at rentals" at first base since Kendry Morales will be back in 2011.  Rosenthal wrote eleven days later that the Angels had discussed Jorge Cantu and Adam LaRoche.

Could both reporters be correct?  Perhaps, if the Angels are quietly seeking to upgrade over an incumbent such as Howie Kendrick or Bobby Abreu.  But we haven't heard anything like that.

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  1. So they want a 1B but dont want a rental. Is this implying that they want a non-1B who can move next year when Morales comes back? Who is even available like that who would be considered a non-rental?

    • OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

      Wouldn’t Wigginton fit the bill? Mind you, they already have 4Million third basemen…But he could conceivably play 1st the rest of the way this year, then (if they moved, say a Wood/Izturis in the deal) play 3B next year, with newly acquired Callaspo splitting time at all three infield positions but 1B (much like Izturis, only less fragile, and slower)

    • truhalo 5 years ago

      Prince Fielder would be more than a rental and could be a candidate for DH (although I don’t think he wants to be a DH), but they might be going in that direction. Especially since Matsui is off the books after this year.

      • bjsguess 5 years ago

        Knowing what you would have to pay Price (in just contract dollars – let alone in prospects) would you really want him as your DH? I get sick just thinking about having a $15m DH.

  2. ukJaysfan 5 years ago

    They should check on Overbay. The bat is warm-to-hot right now, and he’s a good 1B. The Jays will eat most of his contract. Should be easy to acquire for a minor leaguer.

  3. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    Please take Cantu.

  4. The Morales situation really, really sucks. I’m a RS fan, but I really feel terrible for the Angels. He’s not worth 10 wins, but certainly his presence could have turned some of those losses into wins. Any Angels fans that can tell me if celebrations have indeed become more muted for the team?

    • daze 5 years ago

      if I remember correctly, there was a walk-off win the game immediately following the Morales mishap… and it was muted. But there haven’t been many walk-offs since.

      • True I guess not too many “walkoff” wins lately, but are they toning down even normal celebratory activities? It’s a shame something like that had to happen before people wised up a bit. I still don’t see much change on other teams though. I wonder how many players are going to have to be frivolously hurt before guys start being sensible. IIRC, Keith Foulke was never the same after being piled on after the 2004 WS win.

        • daze 5 years ago

          the celebrations were only extravagant in walkoffs… the rest is just high fives, as was normal. Coghlan on FLA just got hurt in a celebration too. They’re fluke things. Kendry jumped up and landed bad. Apparently Coghlan did the same thing, but didn’t wind up with such a severe injury.

  5. Schlist 5 years ago

    They’re not bringing in a 1B – Napoli is doing fine there and the Angels have an abundance of catchers. They may look to move either Kendrick (who may have some value) or Rivera (who doesn’t) and one of their many catchers. They have plenty of middle infielders to cover and a need to upgrade on a more permanent basis at either 3B or OF.Callaspo has been brought in as a utility infielder to allow them to shop either Kendrick (or at a push Napoli, with Kendrick moving over to 1B) and they have a couple of statues to move in the outfield with Peter Bourjous knocking loudly on the door at Salt Lake to provide both defence and speed.

    • daze 5 years ago

      I like Napoli at 1B, but if that means Mathis continues to catch… I’d rather see Napoli behind the plate. I am a Kendrick fan, but not as much as Howards Appliances is.

      • lol yeaa im tired of those dam comercials

        • OCSportsGeek 5 years ago

          the radio ads are AWFUL. Oh man, and its not even that Scioscia and Kendrick are bad (they’re horrible) but the “callers” on the fake radio show and the Fake DJ? SERIOUSLY, shoot me. Shoot someone. Just make them stop

          • kdub53 5 years ago

            i have mlb at bat for the iphone…yea I agree I cannot find the mute quick enough when that comes on..
            that or the rodger lodge commercials…714 TICKETS!! wow…terrible…but it does its job of stickin in ur head hah

  6. bjsguess 5 years ago

    I think the difference has to do with how the Angels have played of late. A few weeks ago they were focused on the short term. Now, after sucking it up against Texas they have to be looking at 2010 AND beyond. Hence the Haren deal.

    I’ll say it again – if the Angels aren’t going to play Napoli at catcher they need to move him. His value is very high. Kendrick can be moved. Abreu should be moved. Even a guy like Juan Rivera. Bring up Bourjos and save some money for a big offer to Werth or Crawford in the off-season.

  7. loewdog 5 years ago

    I hate to say it, but the Halos are done this year.

    Garrett Jones is what I am thinking…with Rivera part of the deal.

    Willits and Matsui get more OF time or Bourjos is called up.

    Jones can man 1B this year and them move to a corner OF spot next year when Abreu moves to DH. Also, LF opens up for a run at Crawford.


    IF: Morales, Kendrick, Aybar, Calapso
    OF: Crawford, Hunter, Jones
    C: Naps/Mathis/Conger
    DH: Abreu/Naps

    SP: Weaver, Haren, Santana, Piniero, Kazmir

    Pretty solid look.

  8. jpkinney7 5 years ago

    The 3rd Place LA of A Angels??? They should really be sellers at this point.

    • Why sell a decent team. The angels have some good pieces and will fill in gaps this winter. Arte has placed no budget to bring players to the team.

      Maybe if teams were interested in some older players that may not contribute to the team in the future the angels may listen.

      The angels will be a good team for some time. The bottom half of their minor league system looks great and have the resources to bring in some great players each offseason.

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