Passan On Fielder, DeJesus, Oswalt

The latest from Yahoo's Jeff Passan

  • The Rays "won't go near" Prince Fielder due to a potential $16MM salary in 2011, says one Passan source.  So far any Rays-Fielder connection has been purely speculative, though the team has a history of chasing big names at the trade deadline.  To play devil's advocate to Passan, they could theoretically acquire Fielder now and trade him again in the offseason. 
  • Passan feels that the White Sox and Giants could match up on a Fielder trade, or the Brewers could wait until the offseason to trade their slugger.
  • The Royals' steep asking price for David DeJesus: "a major league-ready prospect, along with at least one midlevel prospect or a pair of lower-level players."  Another take on their asking price tweeted by Dan Hayes of the North County Times: an "ML-ready pitcher and a top prospect."
  • Passan wonders if the Yankees will pursue Roy Oswalt, as they're "about the only team that could fit the $23 million left in his contract for the next year and a half onto their budget."  Indeed, ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted today that the Yanks "have an advantage in that they're one of the few teams willing to take on payroll."  We'll have to see whether the Yankees actually inquire on Oswalt and/or Ted Lilly in the coming days.

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