Ted Lilly Rumors: Thursday

The latest on Cubs lefty Ted Lilly

  • The Tigers are not pursuing Lilly, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports.
  • The Twins, who are on Lilly's no-trade list, are unlikely to acquire him, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (on Twitter). 
  • The Mets are still engaging the Cubs about Lilly, according to Newsday's Ken Davidoff, who suggests a deal is unlikely (Twitter link). The Mets don't want to trade Josh Thole for Lilly, according to Jon Heyman of SI.com (Twitter link).
  • A Mets official told Joel Sherman of the New York Post it's "very doubtful" they acquire Lilly.  The Mets do not want to take on most to all of the $4.37MM left on Lilly's contract and give up prospects too.  As for Brett Myers, the Astros are "almost completely unwilling to engage in serious discussions."  Sherman says the Mets might wait until August to acquire a pitcher.
  • Yesterday we learned that the Dodgers and Twins are still in on Lilly.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago


  2. dc21892 5 years ago

    Interesting they won’t take him on but yesterday it was reported they’re willing to pay for an overprice, underperforming pitcher, lol.

    • Gumby65 5 years ago

      The league has already given a refusal on acquiring Oliver Perez from themselves.

  3. Lilly is better than most of your rotation!

  4. sportsnut969 5 years ago

    It’s time for the Mets to finalize a deal with Cleveland for Westbrook

    • dc21892 5 years ago

      It’s not even worth it, lmao. Westbrook isn’t going to put them over the top, why bother?

  5. y’all better watch out, timmy wilkens will get his guys

  6. “As for Brett Myers, the Astros are “almost completely unwilling to engage in serious discussions.”

    Translation: Ed Wade is involved, over his head, doesn’t know what he’s doing and is asking for to moon for an average, overrated pitcher.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      If Oswalt is going, they have to have someone pitch their games. Despite what you say about Myers, he is having a very good season. He’s relatively cheap for next year too. Wandy Rodriguez is the other veteran they should be looking to trade if they’re rebuilding. I see no problem with them keeping Myers.

      • East Coast Bias 5 years ago

        Agreed. If, and it seems likely, Oswalt moves, Astros will need someone to be the stabilizing force in that rotation. Hence, Myers staying.

        • Well, no offense to Myers, but if he’s the guy holding it all together for the ‘Stros, they don’t have much chance then anyway. They’re out of it, and they’ll be out of it next year too. Why keep Myers again? Because he’s a “stabilizing force”? What the heck is that? I’d rather have good pitchers than stabilizing forces. Myers is okay, not great, not someone to hold on to when your team sucks if you can get something for him. If he’s really so cheap and valuable his trade value should be high. Again, that’s not something the Astros should covet at this point.

          • East Coast Bias 5 years ago

            Hahaaha You actually had me laughing at myself over “stabilizing force.” You know what I mean though: They need someone, anyone, who has a credible enough resume to back up being their first starter, albeit not really an “ace.” Basically, they know their team will not be competing in the coming years, at least they’ll have ONE known pitcher who can take the mound and put up decent numbers, whether that is to help develop other pitchers, get butts in seats, whatever it may be.

            And he’s relatively cheap!

          • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

            That’s basically my point. If you don’t keep someone who knows how to pitch you end up with a staff like the Pirates. Because Maholm is still inconsistent, Duke is still always hurt, and everyone else is learning on the job. A guy like Myers would be a welcome addition to a staff like the Pirates have; the Astros are going to have the same kind of staff next season.It’s not about contending; it’s about development of everyone else on your staff.

  7. I really like the idea of Lilly in the Twins rotation, but I almost feel as if they are waiting to see if the ChiSox do anything first. I seriously doubt Lilly would accept Arbitration, so he is worth at least one draft pick, he has AL experience, and despite his W/L record has actually pitched very well this year…

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      How can you not have Theodore Roosevelt Lilly on your team? He’s so perfect for what the Twins need. If he did accept arbitration, you could turn around and trade him. That’s what the Braves did with Soriano last off season. Or you could be happy to use him as a mid rotation starter for a season.

      The Twins have got to know that the White Sox will do something. They always do something.

  8. Bernaldo 5 years ago

    I don’t think the Twins are going hard after Ted Lilly. They will not simply give up on Baker and Slowey – both of them will remain in the rotation. Pavano and Liriano obviously remain in. They are using Duensing as their fifth starter (replacing Blackburn for the time being) and he has been very effective in the past and is very inexpensive. They are in hard pursuit of Downs from Toronto and if they land him, there will literally be no room in the rotation for Lilly because that mean that Duensing remains in the rotation. If they cannot land Downs, then they could go after Lilly and Duensing returns to the bullpen. But it really does seem that they are focused on Downs any Ted Lilly action depends on getting Downs and not.

  9. studio179 5 years ago

    Lilly will be a Dodger by the weekend.

    • jammin502 5 years ago

      Lilly and Theriot to the Dodgers for Jerry Sands? I’d pull the trigger on that offer. That would give the Cubs about 4 young guys battling it out for the 1st base job next year.

  10. twins are on his no-trADE list… he going to the dodgers…

    • Bernaldo 5 years ago

      And the Phillies were on Oswalt’s. Players can and do waive no-trade clauses all the time, especially players stuck on bad teams who want to jump into a pennant chase. I have little doubt that Lilly would gladly come to Minnesota to play with a serious contender for 2+ months playing in a new, pitcher-friendly stadium, sold out every game rather than remain with the Cubs in a battle for 3rd place in their division.

      • lilly knows the dodgers and played for torre…and cubs said they be willing to eat some of his contract/salary. seems like a dodger deal to me.

  11. Mauerneau 5 years ago

    I don’t think the 4 mil would be the issue for the Twins, its all about what the Cubs are asking for in terms of prospects.. He would be nice to have, but I wouldn’t give up a whole lot for him.

  12. frank_costanza 5 years ago

    still makes no sense on Myers. His numbers are better than Oswalts, and he has a cheaper option next year. You could get a package comparable to what you got for Oswalt, especially now that he is CLEARLY the best SP left, with a bunch of teams looking for starters.

  13. 42214221 5 years ago

    August 1st SDUT headlines Padres aquire Miggy, Ted Lilly, Hawpe

  14. I know this is kind of out of left field, but what do you think the chances the Cubs keep Lilly and sign him to a one or two year deal in the off season. He seems to want to stay with the Cubs and the team appears to be asking for a hefty return for the lefty, which could be an indication of their perceived value of him. Coming off whatever year he ends with, he won’t have pretty stats and may give the Cubs a break at signing him again. I’d love to see him in the Cubs rotation for a few more years, he’s a professional and the type of player I’d like on my team.

  15. wishy2 5 years ago

    Why waste prospects and money on a team that stinks and isnt going anywhere. Fire Omar. Fire Jerry. Clean house.

  16. East Coast Bias 5 years ago

    I think “appeasing your fanbase” is overrated. That should never be a priority over putting the best team on the field while also keeping a long term outlook to protect the future. Lilly is good, and has been for a while, but it seems like he’s on the decline, or at the very best, having a down year. Do you really want to send prospects for a few months of Lilly? If it was Roy or Haren or another front end starter, I would echo your sentiments and would want the Mets to be aggressive. It’s Ted Lilly though. =/

  17. bigpelflikesike123 5 years ago

    although I agree on getting a starter to replace takahashi, i think we saw from todays 8.1 ip 0 runs performance from R.A. Dickey he has become an extremely reliable if not dominant pitcher. He has the 4th best era in the nl and the mets pitching staff is quite good. I think the mets can make a run without another pitcher… but if the mets do get one i think the nl east and wild card race will be quite interesting

  18. bonestock94 5 years ago

    Harsh but true, the current iteration of the Mets isn’t going anywhere. They ought to sell the older guys and start fresh from top to bottom.

  19. icedrake523 5 years ago

    I’m all for that but ownership (ie Jeff Wilpon) is too stubborn to just cut their losses and start over while there is still enough in place that they don’t have to completely rebuild. So instead, they’re sticking with their lame duck GM. I don’t mind Jerry. He makes some questionable moves like every team, but if the team plays well no one gives a crap about the manager. Especially since the only option I want to see is Bobby Valentine come back (but again, ownership is too stubborn to admit they made a mistake). Backman is a minor league manager, his shtick would wear thin on major leaguers and Torre only wins because of the talent on his roster.

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