Sheets Headed To Disabled List

A's pitcher Ben Sheets has re-injured his elbow, forcing him to the disabled list, according to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.  The hurler also says that he "might be" out for the remainder of the season (link goes to Twitter).  With Sheets sidelined, Oakland has lost a trade chip.

Billy Beane & Co. signed Sheets to a one-year, $10MM deal in January with the hope of dealing him mid-season if the club wasn't in contention.  Earlier today, the GM said that "it would behoove" the A's to hang on to the right-hander, though now it doesn't appear that they have much of a choice in the matter.

The Mets, Phillies, and Rangers are just some of the teams that have been keeping an eye on the 32-year-old.  Sheets has a 4.53 ERA with 6.3 K/9 and 3.2 BB/9 on the year but has pitched well in recent outings.

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  1. dc21892 5 years ago

    Really sucks to see guys like Sheets who have so much potential constantly going down with injuries.

    • aap212 5 years ago

      Sometimes I think the A’s signed him because they missed Rich Harden.

  2. gigantes2425 5 years ago

    welp! so much for trading him

  3. dbreer23 5 years ago

    Well, we knew given his history that this was a possibility. Sunk cost for the A’s – took a chance and got a bit burned. He wasn’t even headed to be a Type B FA so at least this doesn’t cost the possibility of future picks – wouldn’t have gotten them anyway.

  4. jeffmcduffie 5 years ago

    Being an A’s fan, I knew this would happen… It’s hard not to have injury problems when the guys we sign/trade for all have extensive injury histories. Duke, Crisp, C. Jackson, etc.

    • dbreer23 5 years ago

      I’ll agree about Duke, Crisp, and Sheets, but CoJack’s only real extended loss of time due to injury was a bit of a freak one – Valley Fever. I’m no doctor but I would think that once you get to a point where you can treat it, it shouldn’t be a persisting problem.

  5. Beane’s $10 million gamble fails but the good news is Mazzaro who has been very good this year stays in the rotation.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      And Mortensen might also get a shake in the rotation until Anderson returns, which is also good.

  6. Guest 5 years ago


  7. sacu 5 years ago


  8. I’m sorry, but this is news? This happens like, every year.

  9. aap212 5 years ago

    “Sheets Headed to Disabled List.”

    Home sweet home.

  10. Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

    I take no joy in this “I told you so” moment. Its just another reason why I hate the fact that Beane gave Sheets $10MM. I know Beane had to spend money somewhere. But rehabbers MUST get no more than $5MM, base, until they prove they’re physically sound and capable. For the A’s F/O, they’ve got about $4.2MM wasted here. For Sheets, I believe this costs him $2MM in missed incentives that he was otherwise sure to reach. For the A’s fans, I’m sorry for the loss, but he wasn’t much more than an inning eater anyway; no trade interest and no compensatory draft picks. I look forward to seeing some of your younger pitchers when we make our next trip out there in mid-September.

  11. rovert22044 5 years ago

    First David DeJesus, now Sheets!? SHOCKING!

  12. Zack23 5 years ago

    Exactly why no contender was going to trade for him, can’t trust him to stay healthy and give your team that boost down the stretch.

  13. Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

    I understand the pressure Beane was under. That said, SHEETS was the wrong guy to give big money to. Beane set an artificially high market for rehab projects by doing so. Now, guys coming off TJ surgery will point to the Sheets deal as the going rate for rehabbers. Its not just a waste of Millions in A’s money; its how you create a market precedent. Beane should have p*ssed away millions elsewhere, on players who were not rehabbers. He not only did a disservice to the A’s, but to the whole MLB by overpaying Sheets.

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