Tigers Interested In Relievers

The Tigers are interested in bullpen help and have started scouting relievers, according to Ed Price of AOL FanHouse (via Twitter). They had a top scout at last night's Mariners-Royals game looking for bullpen help. Price doesn't mention specific relievers, but David Aardsma, Brandon League, Joakim Soria, Kyle Farnsworth and Bruce Chen are among the relievers on the Mariners and Royals that could interest the Tigers.

Detroit lost Joel Zumaya to season-ending elbow surgery after one of the more painful-looking baseball injuries of the year. Bobby Seay's shoulder injury may lead to a season-ending operation, too. Combine the time Zumaya and Seay missed with Ryan Perry's down year and you'd expect an inflated bullpen ERA. Surprisingly, Tigers relievers, led by Jose Valverde, have combined for a 3.31 ERA, but there is room for improvement.

Brad Thomas has walked five more batters than he has struck out; Daniel Schlereth has just 22 big league appearances; Enrique Gonzalez has just 36 big league appearances. The Tigers lead their division by half a game, but they could use relief help in spite of their impressive team ERA.

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  1. gigantes2425 5 years ago

    add the tigers to a list that include every team that are buyers at the deadline.

  2. DetroitTigers24 5 years ago

    I thought Bruce Chen was a starter. He almost had a perfect game against the Angels a few days ago. Aardsma, League, and Soria would all be great fits in the Tigers bullpen. The Tigers should want no part of Farnsworth for how bad he was for them a year ago.

    • Tom R 5 years ago

      I was at the game. The Tigers should be wary. Chen was hit hard at least half a dozen times. The Royal defense was top notch and made a bunch of diving plays.

    • There is no way that the Royals trade Soria to within the division where they have to see him a ton every year.

  3. Go figure the Tigers are in the market for power arms?

  4. NewtofKC 5 years ago

    For the Royals being as big a Losers everyone makes them out to be they sure like our players. So Back-off, we are starting to like this winning stuff!

    • Tom R 5 years ago

      The Royals are definitely better than they get credit for. I was at 2 of the 3 games over the weekend (I’m an Angel fan) and they were superb defensively. David DeJesus is a star in the making.

      • rzepczynski 5 years ago

        A star in the making? you must be confusing him with a prospect as opposed to the 7and change OPS light hitting corner outfielder that he is

  5. AisoRed 5 years ago

    What about Milwaukee? Todd Coffey or Carlos Villanueva? Recently heard they may be available…

    • tersaw1 5 years ago

      Unfortunately, Detroit teams have now banned getting any players named Villanueva from the city of Milwaukee…sorry

  6. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Downs, Frasor, Gregg?

  7. verlander 5 years ago

    Oh for the love of Paws, not Kyle Farnsworth. We’ve ridden that amusement park ride twice already. No need to get on it a third time.

    League, Aardsma and Soria, however, are intriguing.

    • tigers22 5 years ago

      They better not be interested in Farnsworth. I think that was purely speculation… they’ve learned their lesson with that guy. I personally think Soria would take too much to acquire in a deal, but I think League and Aardsma are very intriguing

      • verlander 5 years ago

        I hope you’re right (and I think you are). I just can’t imagine they’d seriously consider Farnsworth after the disaster he was in ’08.

  8. Tacho Bill 5 years ago

    How about Octavio Dotel?

  9. What about any of the Blue Jays Relievers? Scott Downs has been good this year

  10. as a m’s fan, i would love to give up both Aardsma and League for some lower-level prospects. yesterday, our bullpen gave up 4 runs in 3ip while felix went 7ip and gave up just 2. our bullpen is a mess and we need to get a REAL closer. (probably happen in offseason)

  11. dorisdanglehoff 5 years ago

    i’ve been a die hard tigers fan for a long time. i’ve stuck with them through stupid decision after stupid decision. but if they bring farnsworth back i might just throw in the towel. (if dombrowski brings renteria back, i’ll really lose it. the fact that omar infante is an all-star, even a fake one, makes that trade look even worse than it did before. if that’s possible.)

  12. Baseballislife21 5 years ago

    How about this trade?

    Tigers get

    Dan Haren
    Stephen Drew
    D backs reliever

    D backs get

    Jacob Turner
    Rick Porcello

    Heard Tigers were interested in Drew and also need starting pitching and obivously a reliever. D backs need pitching prospects.

    What do you guuys think?

    • Civilization 5 years ago

      No. MAYBE we deal someone like a Crosby or a Turner… But the return would have to be solid and no way does both players get thrown in a deal. Our farm system is a depleted as it is…

    • LongGone6 5 years ago

      never ever would they give up porcello AND turner. most likely they’d give up something like Oliver/Sborz and Larish for Drew.
      haren has too many injuries and hasnt yet proven he’s back to anywhere near his form. Tigers went through trading for mediocre pitcher in 2nd half last year. no need to repeat

    • tigers22 5 years ago


    • verlander 5 years ago

      If the Tigers deal with Arizona, I can’t imagine both Turner AND Porcello going to the D’backs. Maybe Porcello or Turner/Oliver + other pieces, but not both.

    • tersaw1 5 years ago

      Turner and Porcello…never happen, I dont think either of them are up for tradebait, maybe Oliver and some lesser pieces like Ramirez or Sborz

  13. What we need more is a shortstop and catcher who can hit!

    • crashcameron 5 years ago

      Alan Trammell and Lance Parrish available?

    • verlander 5 years ago

      I think they’ll stick with Avila as the main guy and look at upgrading SS.

  14. stltiger69 5 years ago

    What about Brendan Lyon or a low trade cost options like Joel Hanrahan from Pittsburgh?

  15. There out of there minds to even consider Farnsworth(less)!

  16. There out of there minds to even consider Farnsworth(less)!

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