Brewers Release Jody Gerut

The Brewers released Jody Gerut, according to's Adam McCalvy (Twitter link). Lorenzo Cain's strong play (.933 OPS in ten games) meant the Brewers didn't need Gerut, even though he has recovered from the heel injury that sidelined him.

Gerut, 32, struggled through 74 plate appearances this year. He posted a .197/.230/.366 line with two homers, though he has not played since late May. Like former teammate Jim Edmonds, Gerut has a history of hitting right-handers well. This year, however, Gerut handled lefties well and struggled against righties (.444 OPS).

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  1. AisoRed 5 years ago

    About damn time. Now Gomez can take Judy’s spot on the bench with Lo Cain playing CF everyday.

  2. AisoRed 5 years ago

    “sidelined him for weeks”It was more like months… Almost forgot he existed.

    EDIT: I looked it up… It was 77 days ago he was put on the DL I think.

  3. rayking 5 years ago

    Good work by the Pads to have obtained Tony Jr. for this guy.

    • Flharfh 5 years ago

      Both Gerut and Gwynn are similarly bad hitters. SD did well on this trade because Gwynn fits in so well with their team emphasis – small ball/speed and good defense in their cavernous outfield. On any other team his bat is a bigger liability. Actually, come to think of it, Gwynn is eerily similar to Carlos Gomez…

  4. coolstorybro222 5 years ago

    old and slow always gets released, never young, fast, and decent. Thank god. Plus they have Chris D and Gomez platooning there. I like that.

  5. Good news. Now Gomez can come off the bench as a backup OF/pinch runner and Cain can officially become the new CF. This year is a loss, but I’m optimistic that they’ll be able to trim a lot of this dead weight (in terms of both players and bad contracts) and make a run next year.

  6. Teaches you to hit for the cycle, Gerut.

  7. mikeplaza 5 years ago

    Gerut sucks! It’s about time, why was he ever offered another year with the Brewers?? This goes down as one of the many bad signings by our “great” GM Doug Melvin. Maybe they will soon cut him too!

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