Dave Bush Clears Waivers

Dave Bush cleared waivers earlier in August and can now be traded to any team, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (on Twitter). Bush, 30, hits free agency after the season, but could provide value as an innings eater in September. He has a 4.71 ERA with 5.5 K/9 and 3.3 BB/9 in 147 innings this year.

Bush earns $4.215MM in 2010 plus incentives based on innings pitched, but just $760K of his base salary remains. The right-hander doesn't currently project as a Type A or B free agent, so the Brewers aren't likely to obtain any form of compensation for him after the season.

This is speculation, but the Padres, who have shown interest in pitching this month and want to limit their young starters' innings, could call the Brewers about Bush. Click here for MLBTR's complete list of players to clear waivers and here for Tim Dierkes' list of potentially available starters.

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10 Comments on "Dave Bush Clears Waivers"

5 years 4 days ago

wouldn’t mind him as a Pad

5 years 4 days ago

Couldn’t agree more. Nothing spectactular, but he would eat some innings and give all 3 young guys a break. I would prefer Lilly, but that may be a bit too much to ask at this point.

5 years 4 days ago

Can also play Long Man in the playoffs to eat Junk innings

5 years 4 days ago

Lilly or Kurouda would both be better options, Bush would be a step above Stauffer or Lubeke (at this point). Doubt the Dodgers want to trade inter-division…

5 years 4 days ago

of course.
Bush could be had for very little though. He’s neither a type A or B free agent, unlike both Lilly and Kuroda

5 years 4 days ago

He wouldn’t be a bad fit for the Padres. I think he’d pitch with more confidence if he had a better defense behind him.

5 years 4 days ago

His achilles heel is giving up HRs, so indeed he could be a good fit for the Pads.

5 years 4 days ago

Brewers fan here. Bush is a competent pitcher. He’d be a perfect 5th starter for the Padres, and I think he would thrive with a better defense and a bigger park behind him.

As for a return, just a prospect would be good. A SP prospect would be ideal.

5 years 4 days ago

Bush is nothing spectactular but will pretty much give you 6ip 3ER every time he goes out there. With that big ballpark itd be a perfect fit.

5 years 2 days ago

Good, get him the hell out of here. Time to start clearing roster space and cash for next year. He’s a mediocre soft-tossing pitcher whose lack of ability is magnified by Milwaukee’s less than stellar defense and small park. He’ll be marginally better somewhere else, but he’s still gonna give up a ton of long balls and have his occasional meltdown. Good enough to be a #5 guy on a good team I suppose. Not much better than half the guys who went unsigned this year, though. Braden Looper is basically the same pitcher, but for a lot less money.