Cardinals Rumors: Pujols, Uribe, Tejada

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak would like to begin talks on an Albert Pujols extension "between now and the Christmas holiday," he told Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Strauss has a source who believes Pujols "is unlikely to revisit the matter once the 2011 season opens."  At the least, Pujols figures to sign the third-largest contract in baseball history whether this winter or as a free agent after the '11 season.

Regarding infield upgrades, Mozeliak told Strauss Sunday that "we probably have more of an emphasis on short than second at this point."  They'd also like a utility infielder to back up David Freese at third base.  Unless Dan Uggla fits into the picture somewhere, free agents Juan Uribe and Miguel Tejada are on the Cardinals' radar according to Strauss.  Though they also have an eye on recently-posted infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Mozeliak "indicated the timing may not be right for the club to make such a heavy commitment for a Pacific Rim player."    

It's becoming more and more clear the Cardinals won't be moving Colby Rasmus; today Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports quoted a source who sees a 99% chance of the center fielder staying put.  Indeed, Mozeliak told Strauss Sunday that Rasmus is "almost impossible to replace."

One note you may have missed from yesterday: the team is growing more optimistic about signing Jake Westbrook, according to Rosenthal.

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  1. Don’t waste your time with Nishioka. Hopefully the offseason goes a little something like this.

    Sign Uribe or
    -Trade Bryan Anderson and Blake King for Uggla and sign Tejada.
    Sign Pedro Feliciano
    Sign Javier Vasquez or Jake Westbrook

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      You really think the birds should kick the tires on Vasquez? I understand he was great in 2009 for the Braves, but he is 2 years closer to 40 now…

      • He’s an NL pitcher and an innings eater. Also, we’re looking for a 4th starter, not an ace so I personally would rather have Vasquez over Westbrook because I think he could not only return to his old form but be cheaper as well.

        • TwinsVet 5 years ago

          That’s fair. After Wain-Carp-Garcia, I suppose a low-cost signing is your best option. How much is too much, though? Do you spend $10M on a #4 guy, or try to keep it to around $5?

          • I personally think it’s the best option too but all of the articles are saying a deal with Westbrook is going to get done. I hope they don’t spend more than $7MM on a 4th starter. Our pitching is known as being the best but there’s no need to put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Zuidvogels 5 years ago

      No Pujols extension?

    • dc21892 5 years ago

      Uggla would fit so nicely into the Cards lineup. Him, Pujols and Holliday could be as dangerous a 3,4,5 combo as there is in the league. Be nice to see the Cards land him.

  2. My Uggla proposal:
    Bryan Anderson + Lance Lynn + Motte
    too much?

    • Definitely too much. A major league ready offensive catcher, a solid #3 starter in a year or two and current setup man/future closer for one year of Uggla at $10MM+?…thanks but no thanks.

      I think packaging Anderson with either Lance Lynn or Blake King should be able to get the job done. If not there’s other options out there.

      • easton714 5 years ago

        Wow, CJ. I am a Cardinals fan and you are dramatically overrating our prospects. If Anderson and Lynn were as good as you suggest, why would the Cardinals be in the market for a back-up catcher (specifically one who represents an offensive upgrade) and a 3/4 starter?

        And Motte, meh, it was a mistake to insist the Indians take Perez in the DeRosa deal.

        Motte, Anderson, and Lynn might be enough to do the deal but Anderson and Lynn are no locks and Motte is not guaranteed to be anything but a middle reliever who throws hard and not much else.

        • That’s true, it’s just difficult to let go of the some of the top-tier of the farm when it’s not very deep. With some help on defense I believe Bryan Anderson could be an everyday catcher. Even if he moves to the outfield he can still hit from the left side so there’s good value there. I also think Lance Lynn is capable of being a solid #3 guy who can eat up some innings because of his build and his stuff. I’ll give you what you said about Motte. If he continues on the path he’s on without learning a new pitch, he won’t be anything more than a middle reliever or setup guy.

          • easton714 5 years ago

            If Anderson is even close to being ready, why in the world are we looking for a back-up catcher? Seems like you are saying Anderson is exactly the player we have come out and said we are looking for…so why the misconnect?

            Don’t get be wrong, I want us to give him a shot – but it doesn’t really sound like we want to.

            I am not nearly as high on Lynn as others are and I am not much of a Motte fan at all so, naturally, I would be thrilled if landed Uggla with that offer.

          • You may not be far off with giving Anderson a shot. When they outrighted Pagnozzi to Triple-A, many people thought it was because it was because we’re going to give Anderson a shot. I think if they don’t end up trading him for another offensive piece, then he’s our catcher. If we do, then there’s options like Torrealba out there.

          • coachofall 5 years ago

            Anderson is a below avg defensive Catcher (per minor league scouting reports), who hits for a decent avg and has no power. Looks like a career back up in the bigs AT BEST not the centerpiece and potential starting catcher FLA seeks.

      • that’s the good way to phrase it. you could say, a major league ready back-up catcher, a solid #4-#5 starter and a one pitch setup guy. Depends on how you view those players. It would be tough for me to give those up, but if that trade popped up on MLBTR today, my reaction would definitely be a happy one.

    • I would go as far as Anderson/ Hill and Motte/Boggs . They might look for Lynn or another AAA starter to finish the deal but two players, the pitching with more upside will be the most important. If it takes more than this outside of a throw in, I am not interested. I think the reports on the marlins asking price is not very accurate either. It might take a whole boatload more than thisEither way Uggla would look really good with the birds on the bat; but then who is our leadoff hitter?

      • That’s been my concern too. If the Cards are truly interested in upgrading short rather than second, then Jose Reyes is your guy. He fits perfectly into the top of the lineup. Here’s what I want to see…


        The middle of the lineup still looks pretty good in this scenario. Would the Mets want more for Reyes than the Marlins would want for Uggla though?

        • The_Porcupine 5 years ago

          What would you trade for Reyes, assuming the Mets would trade him?

        • bigrob3737 5 years ago

          you gotta flip Skip and the pitcher with TLR…. What a joke!

          • did you even watch the second half of the season?

          • I’m not an advocate of TLR batting the pitcher 8th either but Sean has it right. He only does it when he thinks the offense is going to struggle in an attempt to get more guys on base for Pujols. So if Mo is going to improve the offense like he says he’s going to, we should go back to a normal looking lineup.

        • yes, they would.

      • As a rule for trade proposals for big name players, I usually take what fans of one team are willing to give up for that player, then add a good prospect. Usually this gets me in the right range.

        • Do you think it would be possible to get him without giving up Shelby Miller or Zach Cox? If so then I say get the deal done.

          • Randy_McWeen 5 years ago

            they cant trade zach cox…im not saying this because im in love with him, but he literally cannot be traded…whats the rule? A first year player has to play for his team for one full calendar year? Somethin like that..cox isnt being moved and if shelby miller is in this deal, that would be bad for the cardinals

          • What they do is trade “a player to be named later” and when he completes his year then trade him. But I do agree, we need talented players in our farm system and I think it’s kind of sad that Miller and Cox are automatically the stars of the farm when they were drafted the last two years.

          • easton714 5 years ago

            Cox cannot be traded, even as a PTBNL, until February.

            A PTBNL must be announced within six months. Since Cox cannot be traded until August 2011, he can first be named as a PTBNL in February.

          • Yes, the deal can get done with Miller or Cox (i don’t think Cox can even be traded right now).

  3. Pujols extension:

    8yr 200mill: 25 mill per season

  4. The_Porcupine 5 years ago

    I’d be really leery of putting Tejeda at short. I’d focus more on a Bartlett type player for an everyday shortstop. Then I’d look to sign Wigginton to be a part time 2b and back up 3b.

  5. moonraker45 5 years ago

    I think the Cardinals have to make Pujols the highest paid player in the league. . I would do a top heavy deal for bragging rights, and just so every time someone googles the list of highest paid ball players, Pujols name will come up before A rods.2012- $33,000,001 , 2013- 33,000,001, 2014- 25,000,000 2015- 25,000,000 2016- 22,500,000 2017- 22,500,000 2018- 20,000,000 2019-20,000,0008 years/ $201,000,002

    • Good god I hope they don’t do that. I’d like this team to be competitive in the near future. I personally don’t see the need to make him the highest paid player in baseball. A-Rod would make more but he also lives in NY which is obviously more expensive to live in. Paying Pujols between $25MM-$30MM each year with some years of deferred payments is fair and is a win for everyone.

      • woadude 5 years ago

        I completely agree, just give Pujols around 25 million a year and figure out how long until he retires and he would sign in a heartbeat, no way he ever hits free agency and he wants money dont get me wrong, but you can tell he doesnt want to make the most in history, he would rather have a few other guys on the team who can hit the ball.

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        simple math would show you that my suggestion is 25 mil a year. yet you open your comment with good god i hope not then suggest the same thing.

        • If you read the rest of my comment I stated that it was because I want this team to be productive in the near future so giving him such a high salary while the payroll is still low would hurt that. Why would any team give him a higher salary than A-Rod just to say they did? Not the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard.

        • If you read the rest of my comment I stated that it was because I want this team to be productive in the near future so giving him such a high salary while the payroll is still low would hurt that. Why would any team give him a higher salary than A-Rod just to say they did? Not the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard.

    • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

      I’ve always thought the Cardinals should do something different, but for different reasons. He is the games best player and the far of the franchise. The Cards will obviously want to lock him up long term, and it will take a significant amount to do so. The problem with long term deals is the unknown. His elbow could be a major problem and his legs could be a major problem. Front loading the contract makes sense. Because at 8 years he’ll be 39. His production will go down and health could be an issue. I hope the Cards lock him up and he doesn’t get away. Cubs/ Cards games just wouldn’t be the same.

  6. kyle1016 5 years ago

    I don’t see us trading for Uggla or signing a starter not named Jake Westbrook. If we don’t re-sign Westbrook, I’d be pretty astonished. The reason I don’t believe in the Uggla trade is because of money. Do we have it? yeah. Do we have enough to spend on another big name? No. Uggla turned down a 4 year deal. 4 years is a big commitment and it’s obviously not enough for him. Not to mention he’d cost a very pretty penny.

    And since when did Bryan Anderson become such a trade commodity? Sure he’s a catcher and left handed, but he’s not good.

    Tejada or Uribe would be nice, I think either one would be hella better than Brendan Ryan. I can see us signing Nick Punto. He fits the bill perfectly for a backup 3rd baseman.

    I just want Albert to re-sign already

  7. j96 5 years ago

    Albert to jays for Marcum,jpa,bautista and S hill


    • That’s perfect! Especially since the Jays are a big market team and will be able to afford his contract in the long run. Oh wait…

      • moonraker45 5 years ago

        Its a terrible trade suggestion, but Toronto is a big market and would easily be able to afford his contract in the long run, they only have the richest owners in baseball, and im sure they will find it in their hearts and wallets to pay the best player in baseball what he deserves.. .. but clearly you did know that… oh wait..

        • Oh really??? Is that why they had the 8th lowest payroll in 2010? Doesn’t sound like something the “richest owners in baseball” would do. Or maybe they WOULD because this is a business and every owner is going to have their payroll as low as possible while sustaining the competitiveness of the club in the longrun.

          I’m not doubting that Toronto isn’t a medium sized market but to say it’s a “big market” is a bit of a stretch. Whenever you say big market you get into Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers territory so you’d better make sure your club has the dollars to match their’s. And to think that the owners would actually go into their own wallets to sign Pujols is hilarious.

          • moonraker45 5 years ago

            I didnt actually mean THEIR own wallets, I meant Rogers wallets.

            and yes they had the 8th lowest payroll, but thats only because they aren’t currently competitive. Why spend the money for the sake of it… Pujols isn’t a question mark, he’s as good and consistent as they come. To say that any midmarket team wouldn’t be able to pay him is complete fluff. Twins were able to sign Mauer, Rangers are pursuing Lee.. all mid market teams can easily afford a player so good even if it is for 25, 30 million a year.

            Cardinals had a 94 million payroll this year, jays had a 100 million dollar payroll in 2008. . so you saying the team cant afford his contract couldnt be more false…

            We’re giving Vernon Wells 25 Million the next 4 years, you honestly think they couldn’t afford Pujols??

            Now this is again all pointless because he’s going to be a cardinal for life, but still.

          • Just for the record I never said Pujols was or will be a question mark.

            But to your point of a mid-market club being able to afford Pujols I do agree. They CAN afford him. However most would never pull the trigger because to hamstring a club like that is pretty serious. Teams like the Twins and the Cards with payrolls around or over $100MM lean more towards being between mid-market to big-market clubs so it’s easier for them to afford big name guys. I worry that the Cards won’t be able to get the deal done but like you said, he looks like a guy that’s going to be a Cardinal for life.

          • woadude 5 years ago

            The Texas Rangers would like to tell you how they thought they could afford A-Rod and 3 years into it they had to “trade” him to the Yankees, it was the Red Sox first, and only mentioned because they didnt seek help from Toronto or the Phillies, they went to the clubs that could get them out from paying 25 million to ONE player, it hurt them bad and they havent made a contract even close to that ever again and likly still have scars when they think and ponder about Cliff Lee…..just saying

  8. hombrej 5 years ago

    If Cards get Uggla it is for 1 year then take the draft picks. Just my gut feeling. They have finally bought into building thru the draft it seems. Especially with the contracts their core players have.

    I say Motte or Boggs/Jay/Anderson (time is now to sell high on Jay…plus no way Jay, Skip and Colby on same Roster…

    • “plus no way Jay, Skip and Colby on same Roster… ”

      Exactly. Colby is not going anywhere. Most likely there will not be room for both Skip and Jay on the opening day roster

    • “plus no way Jay, Skip and Colby on same Roster… ”

      Exactly. Colby is not going anywhere. Most likely there will not be room for both Skip and Jay on the opening day roster

    • I’m confused. What’s the reasoning for there not being room on the roster for both of them?

  9. hombrej 5 years ago

    If Cards get Uggla it is for 1 year then take the draft picks. Just my gut feeling. They have finally bought into building thru the draft it seems. Especially with the contracts their core players have.

    I say Motte or Boggs/Jay/Anderson (time is now to sell high on Jay…plus no way Jay, Skip and Colby on same Roster…

  10. DJGreen47 5 years ago

    Matt Garza and BJ Upton for Jay, Lynn, etc.

    • kyle1016 5 years ago

      that’s about as likely as Albert playing for free

  11. Lanidrac 5 years ago

    This is all silly. We don’t have the money or the players (at least without creating another hole, like having to pay a lot more money than Motte will make to sign a right-handed reliever to replace Motte) to trade for Uggla.

    We can only afford one offensive improvement, anyway, so why waste it on someone who can only play 2B? If we choose an infielder, he needs to play SS and preferably also either 2B and/or 3B. Juan Uribe would be pefrect, and Orlando Cabrera would be another good choice.

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