Bruce, Perez, And Others Get Super Two Status

Twenty players including Reds right fielder Jay Bruce and Indians pitcher Chris Perez have qualified for Super Two status, according to C. Trent Rosecrans of CBSSports.comEvan Longoria has also made the cutoff but will not reap the benefits as he signed a long-term deal with the Rays in April of 2008.

Players with two years and 122 days of service were granted Super Two status this winter.  Prior to this year, no player was awarded Super Two status with less than two years and 130 days of service time.  MLBTradeRumors first reported the lowering of the cutoff in June.

Super Twos get to go to arbitration four times instead of the usual three.  Players such as Bruce, and Perez are now in line for significant raises in 2011.  As for Bruce, the 23-year-old recently said that he would be open to discussing a long-term deal with Cincinnati for "five or six years."

To brush up on exactly what Super Two status means and how one obtains it, you can check out our handy post right here.  Below, you will find the complete list of players who have now been granted Super Two status.

Burke Badenhop, Florida 2.143
Travis Buck, Oakland 2.122
Jay Bruce, Cincinnati 2.125
Dana Eveland, Pittsburgh (outrighted) 2.152
Josh Fields, Kansas City 2.159
Armando Galarraga, Detroit 2.148
Alberto Gonzalez, Washington 2.135
Chase Headley, San Diego 2.123
Luke Hochevar, Kansas City 2.151
Jim Johnson, Baltimore 2.165
Kyle Kendrick, Philadelphia 2.159
Jensen Lewis, Cleveland 2.133
Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay 2.170
Darren O'Day, Texas 2.128
Ross Ohlendorf, Pittsburgh 2.139
Felipe Paulino, Houston 2.163
Chris Perez, Cleveland 2.136
Ian Stewart, Colorado 2.154
Sean White, Seattle 2.156
Brad Ziegler, Oakland 2.122

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  1. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    good news. he should get about 3-4million the next year.

    • Piccamo 5 years ago

      What makes it good news? Are you a Cardinal fan happy to see a rival club with a smaller budget have fewer resources? Are you simply a fan of the players and think that they should get more sooner?

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        the former

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          I saw that coming, but $20 bucks says they planned this. What are the odds that the #1 prospect in Baseball in ’08 becomes super two a few years later? It’s interesting…

          But I’m the latter in what piccamo said…I love the super two deals and negotiations!

        • timmytwoshoezzz 5 years ago

          At the value for dollars bank, I’ll take Bruce for $3.0M over Lohse for $10M any day.

  2. Do we have a list of the super two players? Thanks.

  3. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

    Oops! The Reds didn’t manage his arbitration clock so well. Or should I say kudos for doing right by their home grown talent and not worrying about the arb clock?

    I’m hoping the Reds go all in for Carl Crawford. They’d have a super elite fielding team if they brought him in as well as good balance of OBP and power from the outfield. And Gomes can be what he is destined to be-an okay option for a 4th or 5th outfielder.

  4. Well we can allocate about 3 mil to Bruce for next year now. I’m perfectly fine with this as a Reds fan, I’d like to see both Bruce and Votto sign 5-6 year deals this offseason.

    • Ethanator99 5 years ago

      Same here. Everyday when I check MLBTR I hope to see the headline “Votto, Bruce agree to longterm deals with Reds”

      If that happens I think I would probably run outside, tear my shirt, and let out a Tarzan-like yell in joy

  5. I think many of these guys will be nontendered

  6. BobbyJohn 5 years ago

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Ian Stewart here in Colorado. He’s not in the same league as a couple of these guys, but he’s a very solid combination of bat and glove in my opinion.

  7. I am glad the Cardinals got away with Chris Perez now. Now he is a super 2 for Cleveland and their headache.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      The Indians sure don’t see him as a headache. He started out pretty eratic; he finished very solid-from June on. The Indians, and their fans, are quite happy with him. But then the Indians, and their fans, understand that settling into a role takes some time for some (if not most) of the players.

      The Indians will happily pay the freight.

  8. rob7gv 5 years ago

    why was evan longoria granted super 2 status? didn’t he sign an 8 year deal a few years back? why would super 2 matter to him?

  9. rob7gv 5 years ago

    why was evan longoria granted super 2 status? didn’t he sign an 8 year deal a few years back? why would super 2 matter to him?

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