MLBTR Originals: 11/14/10 – 11/21/10

The hot stove finally started to heat up this week, no doubt thanks to the GM Meetings. Here's a look at MLBTR's original content from the last seven days…

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  1. Reaper87 5 years ago

    People make way too much out of this whole “small market” argument. Every ownership group is in the position they are because they are loaded with money way before they buy a team. The difference is running a team or a business, as you can see in the difference between the Yanks/Sox/Mets and the Marlins. Every team has the money to spend if the owners want to, it’s a matter of desire

    • fitz 5 years ago

      Of course but few teams are as profitable as the Red Sox or Yankees. Take the Rays for example they have a great team but since their fan base is absolutely horrendous they aren’t ever going to substantially raise their payroll.

      Can’t expect an owner to spend the money to put a winning product on the field when they know they won’t fill the stadium in return. However, if you’re talking about low budget teams in good sports cities such as Pittsburgh that’s completely different if they had a team as good as the Rays I’m sure they would be able to build a substantial fan base.

      Cliffs: I guess what I’m trying to say is people in Florida make atrocious sports fans.

      • Reaper87 5 years ago

        The comment was with Pittsburgh specifically in mind, there’s no way they should have such a low payroll. With teams like the Padres or Marlins, the point is not so much that they should compete with the big name teams spending-wise. Both of those teams’ fanbases are horrible, I wouldn’t wanna invest that much on them either. But they can definitely spend more than they do to be competitive. The Marlins have been pocketing revenue sharing checks for years, as Yahoo! showed earlier this year. Teams are not nearly as hamstrung by their markets as they claim to be

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      It’s way more complicated than that.

  2. Well then, explain why the Rangers had to borrow 2 million from MLB to deal for Lee last summer.

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